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JetPens Reviews

JetPens Reviews

JetPens customer reviews collected by Google
"A vastly superior seller of stationery supplies that you can not easily get anywhere else. I love this place!"
We take our customer's satisfaction seriously and over 10,000 reviews independently collected by Google over the last 5 years agree.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help people in pursuit of the perfect pen.

Actual Emails from JetPens Customers

I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for your outstanding customer service, wide selection of top tier stationery products, and lightning fast shipping. I have been a customer for probably nearly a decade now, and I so appreciate having easy access to all these products as a stationery lover. Thank you so much!
- B.L. 3/14/2024 (Franklin, Wisconsin)

Warm Winter greeting, I received my order today and I just want to send a note of appreciation. Thank you for taking such great care in preparing my order. It arrived intact and with no issues to this order. Thank you again and I look forward to doing business with you again.
- E.L. 1/8/2024 (Franklin, Wisconsin)

This site has given me access to my favorite journal that I've been using for a long time, the planners I use every day, my favorite bags and pencil cases, and so much more. I love ordering things from here, and I just wanted to thank everyone involved in the only way I could think of doing so at the time. Because of JetPens, I've been able to get creative and organized again.
- J.M. 1/4/2024 (Bluff City, Tennessee)

I just wanted to say that I have never been let down in any way yet by any of the orders I've placed at JetPens. The products are pristine, well-protected, very reasonably priced, and arrive VERY soon after I've ordered them (I suppose it helps that I'm only up the coast about 667 miles). This order was no exception. I am a very happy customer, and will continue to be one for the foreseeable future.
- S.K. 11/11/2023 (Portland, Oregon)

Your website is my happy place. But this is not what I wrote to tell you about... I live in Oklahoma. I can place an order on Tuesday and get it on Wednesday or Thursday! Y'all move so FAST! In fact, I ordered something on Thursday of last week and it is out for delivery today. Let me not get into how much I enjoy the incredibly informative and helpful guides and blog posts. Thank you so much for what you do and how you do it. I am a dedicated customer for life!
- S.A. 10/16/2023 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Jet Pens Staff,

The high quality of items from Japan that you make available and the excellent way products are wrapped and shipping time plus friendly e-mails have invited me to be a delighted returning customer.
- D.B. 9/26/2023 (Santa Maria, California)

This is an unsolicited appreciation

There are many internet stationery sites - but yours in my personal opinion gives the widest coverage and exhaustive descriptions on products

I made one purchase and can attest to professional attention and great packaging

I am on your mailing list and always look forward to new messages like this one

Best wishes for continued success
- J.L. 9/26/2023 (Portland, Oregon)

I just want to say I have been using Jetpens for well over a decade. Each and every order has been absolutely fantastic, bringing smiles and joy from quite literally the stroke of a pen.

Your site and the goodies within are a treasure trove for stationary enthusiasts. Everything is packaged with care and consideration. Your products are sublime. Your services are impeccable. Just a note of kudos and sincere thank you from a humble fan. Keep up the amazing work!
- O.W. 9/26/2023 (Long Beach, California)

Actually seriously, everyone needs to check out JetPens, their customer service is amazing, they really do care, and I haven’t gotten one bad product yet! (*actually that’s sort of a lie, I have gotten a bad product, but they shipped me a replacement!*) They have videos for everyone who loves stationary, And they have many different kinds of videos, some for minimalists, some for death grippers, some for planner addicts, some for highlighter people, some to help you use up the rest of your old notebook, you name it and they (most likely) have it! I really recommend them!
- L.I. 8/29/2023 (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

As always; all pens purchased are to my satisfaction. And again (5 times) all orders received in above and beyond timely manner!
- R.V. 6/28/2023 (Wichita, Kansas)

Just wanted to let you know that your website is SO GREAT. It's lightning fast and I love that my cart will save forever. I also love all testing and images of every product. Thanks so much for all your hard work - it shows!
- A.B. 6/5/2023 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I'm just writing to say how much I love shopping on! It's the details of recommended/compatible that just puts everything I could possibly need in just a few clicks. I learn so much watching the YouTube channel and even the shipping confirmation email had all the YouTube videos I could need (the exact ones I already had open for when my order arrives). There's always a JetPens tab open on my phone, waiting to see what speaks to me next haha. Your team and personalities are wonderful. Thank you!
- K.J. 6/5/2023 (Kansas City, Missouri)

I do not remember the circumstances that resulted in my introduction to JetPens, but how fortunate for me the introduction occurred. JetPens is a superb company with stellar customer service. Unfortunately, that is a pleasant surprise in our current business environment. The YouTube videos are on point, your selection is vast, and your response time is quick, courteous, professional, and to the point.
- R.B. 4/13/2023 (McIntosh, Minnesota)

I received my most recent order today and I wanted to drop you a line to say, "You are the best!" It has been a joy purchasing from you over that last few months.

Your site is easy to navigate, superiorly indexed (compared to your competitors) and your product line aligns with 90% of my tastes and desires regarding stationary. I have placed 12 orders to date and all but 1 has reach my doorstep in an amazingly short period of time! Every item has been carefully packaged and in superb condition when it arrives. The few times I have had a question, responses have been prompt.

The customer experience you have built is of the highest caliber, something I treasure these days for its rarity. At this point you are my first stop when I start searching for new items.

I just wanted to share my opinion and give everyone involved in my JetPens customer experience a huge thank you!!! And that includes your web UX designers and programmers, your shoppers, product testers, your fulfillment team, your on-air talent and everyone who contributes to your newsletters and the very useful articles on
- E.R. 4/06/2023 (Amelia Court House, Virginia)

I would just like to say I really appreciate Jetpens and your employees. It is nice to have a California based retailer for fountain pens and stationery. You guys always seem to have things that would otherwise take weeks to ship from Japan or Germany, and your customer service is fantastic, not to mention the various guides and youtube videos you create. Just wanted to share the love, thanks so much guys!
- J.S. 4/03/2023 (Fair Oaks, California)

my first experience ordering through Jet Pens was brilliant, honestly. having spent a fair bit of time in Japan (personally and professionally), it is simply delightful to see such an assortment of overengineered Japanese stationary products for sale, here. the service and experience at Jet Pens is top notch. and a space just for lefties, too? thank you very much!
- J.H. 3/29/2023 (Orlando, Florida)

I love JetPens, they have the best selection and informative reviews of Japanese paper and pens I have seen anywhere! I will continue to remain a dedicated customer.
- R.R. 3/21/2023 (Hudson, Ohio)

Typical 5 stars on my order. Jet Pens offers competitive pricing on much of their merchandise and keeps me coming back.
- S.B. 3/16/2023 (Los Angeles, California)

You guys are by far my favorite pen store. Really affordable with a fantastic selection of items, many of which can't otherwise be found in the US. Your product pictures, guides and videos are also top-notch and I love to direct people to them, especially newer members of the pen community. Pictures of inks and compatible products pages are both especially great for research and I regularly reference them. Most importantly, you provide a genuine customer experience, not just customer service! Don't get me wrong, I love other stores as well, but Jet Pens just makes fine stationery so accessible. Super convenient shopping and education in one place.
- B.F. 3/17/23 (Castaic, California)

Once again, WOW for your inventory, tutorials, reviews, and customer service! This week I received my new Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Red Coral - 18k Medium Nib - Limited Edition. I have several fountain pens from Mont Blanc, Pelikan, Parker, etc. They each have a unique enjoyment factor for me, BUT the Pilot. has moved to the #1 slot. It is so smooth, and not having to take off a cap to use it is mind-blowing. "Click" and you are ready to write ... perhaps something meaningful....or more likely to just scribble anything because it is a joy to use. Keep up the great work.
- R.B. 3/10/23 (Strafford, New Hampshire)

I don't need assistance; I just want to say that everything about JetPens is pleasant and enjoyable, and your newsletters are a regular bright spot in my inbox. Your passion for pens, stationery, and everything related to both shines through all the time, and it's just a nice, wholesome thing to read. I love everything about you guys, and I can't wait until I have another excuse to order something.
- J.M. 2/28/23 (Perrysburg, Ohio)

I found JetPens several years ago looking for specialty products to finesse how I do things in my profession. I have not looked back! Everything I have ordered has been perfect. I have forced my system on others in my office and no one has complained after they used your products. Keep up the good work.
- D.C. 1/27/23 (Winchester, Illinois)

I've had a couple orders with y'all over the past few years, and I just wanted to say I appreciate your company. Your site is easy to navigate and find stuff, even if I don't know what I'm looking for. I especially appreciate the work that goes into your blog posts and articles - they've been very helpful for me. I've chosen to purchase stuff from you instead of someplace else that might be cheaper (like a site that rhymes with Azamon) because I wanted to support what you do. I just wanted to write a short note of appreciation in the spirit of the holidays, and I hope all of your holidays are going well!
- K.I. 12/27/22 (Livermore, California)

Woohoo! That's the first word you'll see in your confirmation e-mail after making a purchase and it's the first word you'll utter once you receive your order from JetPens sooner than you ever anticipated it would arrive. These folks are five star all the way. I've been purchasing things from them for over ten years and never once experienced disappointment. If you're on the fence whether to patronize them, jump off that fence and do it. You won't regret it.
- P.P. 12/21/22 (San Carlos, California)

I had found this website a handful of years ago, but I didn't realize what an integral part it would play in my life from that day forward. I have purchased many stationery items, from those whose sole function was for the purpose of planning to fun, decorative embellishments to use in crafting and journaling. I find the offered selections to be of great quality with a reasonable price point. There always seems to be something new and I look forward to the weekly emails to see what's coming up or what kind of deals are available. I especially love all of the care and efficiency that goes into packaging orders. I have never received a damaged item, and the comics that come with the orders are fun to collect! The website is easy to use and there's many facets of it I still have yet to explore, but I highly enjoy all of the staff reviews of their favorite products, along with the detailed guides and how-tos. From informative videos to the stellar customer service I've received any time I have reached out, I cannot express how much I truly appreciate JetPens. Thank you, all many times over!
- J.M. 12/23/22 (Alameda, California)

I just wanted to write a note to say thank you for your always exemplary customer service. Every order I have ever placed with JetPens has been fulfilled accurately and very quickly, usually far in advance of what is estimated. The packing is so careful and well-thought-out that I have never received a damaged item. You carry so many items I love and so many upon which I depend as a writer, and your well-produced, intelligent videos have introduced me to several that were new to me but that have become staples (Hobonichi Cousin! Long-tip pencil sharpeners! Tomoe River paper!) in my day-to-day. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. Your quality and service are, sadly, a rarity, but this makes them all the more valuable to me and, I suspect, to many others.
- H.B.B. 12/16/22 (Decatur, Georgia)

I am eagerly awaiting my new pens and I was happy to see the useful details on my order's tracking page. That little bit of extra customer service inspired me to write this missive. I just want to let it be known that over a few years worth of orders I have really enjoyed shopping with JetPens. Best wishes to all over the holidays and new year.
- T.G. 12/16/22 (Chelmsford, Massachusetts)

Hello, I just want to say that i made an order not so long ago. im super happy about the time it took to arrive. all the way from california to the city in graz in autria. also i am very satisfy with what i got. products are amazing and i will definetly order more in the future from your website.
- K.S.B 11/18/22 (Seiersberg, Styria)

Good morning! I came across your YouTube videos a few months back and I was so excited to discover that I'm not the only person with a bit of an obsession with pens and notebooks and pretty much every other office supply available. After some mild internet stalking of your website and other videos, I decided to try a new planner out for next year and ordered the Hobonichi Techo Cousin planner from your website. (Along with some accessories that just fell into the cart...) My order arrived today and I just wanted to say how delighted and impressed I am! Everything was wrapped up so well and packed into the box. I love it because I feel like whoever did it cares as much about my new loot as I do. (Not mentioning any names, but some company that visits my porch often tends to throw random bags of air and products into whatever box they find) I'm thrilled by how fast shipping was too. Anyway. I just wanted to send a happy note and tell you thank you and how excited I am to have found you all!
- C.R. 11/17/22 (Ankeny, Iowa)

You guys are fantastic. I placed an order on Monday and had the goods by Tuesday. There's a reason why I've been doing business with you on a steady basis for years now. I always get what I order, in pristine condition, in a speedy manner. You stock the most interesting and captivating products. And you have the same exacting eye for details and top-quality goods that I do. You're just fabulous, the lot of you. I hope your business continues to thrive as others appreciate the high standards and pride of workmanship you embody. You make life that much more pleasant.
- P.P. 10/26/22 (San Carlos, California)

Just want to say that I am so glad that your company is still providing the high quality of service and products that I've known it to offer, since the 00s. You are the best, quickest source of Lamy roller-balls, which have become a favorite pen to give to friends who like a high-quality, easy-to-refill pen. Thanks!
- B.B. 10/13/22 (California)

Quality of writing / drafting / graphic arts products from Jet Pens are consistently of the first order. Add to this every order characteristic expedited, accurate, and excellently communicated processing of this and past orders will keep me coming back to Jet Pens. I am very pleased to provide these observations about one very well-run company.
- A.S. 9/5/22 (Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania)

i've been purchasing from you guys since i was in middle school and, now that i am entering my first year of college, i can proudly say that jetpens has never let me down. the shop, social media pages, and general vibe of the company is just so amazing and incredibly reassuring for a student like myself (encouraging learning, studying, and the "there's nothing wrong with liking stationery!" approach). i really appreciate all of the work that you guys put in, and can't wait to see more products and videos! please keep up the good work :D
- N.S. 8/11/22 (Plano, Texas)

I just received my first order from JetPens and I must say I am impressed and will be ordering more products soon. First the order was on time, no really it was a day early. I checked the paper and notebook out as soon as it was delivered, and I must say that this is the paper and notebook that I have been looking for ever since rejoining the Fountain Pen People. I will be ordering more products from JetPens in the near future. A++++
- U.A. 8/4/22 (Gulfport, Mississippi)

I just want to complement you on your great service. I've been ordering from you for several years and continue to be amazed at your selection, prices and ability to process an order and get it all the way from CA to NY in such a short period of time. Got my latest order yesterday. Amazing!
- A.D. 7/29/22 (Mineola, New York)

Just wanted to say thank you! I placed an order and was notified it wouldn't be here until July 19. Well, today is July 12. My order was waiting for me when I got home today! Such great service. Order was well packaged and everything was received. I really appreciate everything you all do!
- D.L. 7/12/22 (Cambridge, Vermont)

I just wanted to thank you so much again! I always love every jetpens experience and your products make me so happy.
Can’t help myself, I need to place another order of your Midori notebooks :D and thank you so much for restocking the a6 light notebooks!
- D.B. 6/22/22 (San Bruno, California)

JetPens is my number one go-to stationery shop and of course I came here first to dive into the sometimes dark and never ending ocean of fountain pen ownership. I couldn't have found my new favorite pen (Kaweco Sport) without you guys! You have the best selection, best prices, and best customer service I've found. It's always a pleasure to shop at JetPens!
- K.H. 6/2/22 (Huntsville, Alabama)

I found u guys during my last semester of community college so i wanted to save buying my school supplies till after i graduated. Well i just graduated and I'm getting my school supplies for my 4-year next semester and i never though I'd find a place that is as picky and interested in pens and pencils like i am and it makes me so happy that i found u guys. Thank and please continue to do the amazing work! You all are my favorite store to buy my school supplies and I'll never go to another place!!!
- F.G. 5/28/22 (Pauma Valley, California)

I received my order this morning, a week earlier than the expected delivery date.
Everything was well packed, every item was just as described, and everything was just what I wanted.
All that, in addition to fair prices, is why I have been a returning customer.
I appreciate JetPens and all of its staff!
- J.B. 5/23/22 (York, Pennsylvania)

I just want to communicate how much I appreciate JetPens! The communication on the website regarding new materials, search and filter features, links re: recommended refills/parts, etc. all very easy to navigate and comprehensive. The user guides and comments are wonderful resources for problem solving. Tonight I needed guidance on a jammed pencil and found the guide was incredibly helpful. I want to say a big thank you to the team and keep up the good work!
- E.L. 5/12/22 (Northglenn, Colorado)

Your web site is outstanding. Terrific information. My orders have arrived faster than expected, and the items ordered as good as your site's description of them. As long as I can write with a fountain pen, I'll be your customer. Thanks for being good at what you do.
- B.B. 4/27/22 (Southern California)

Among the seemingly endless list of things I cherish:
1) Newsletter/marketing initiatives -- Every time a newsletter or email campaign shows up, I'm like a kid in a candy store. These ads are helpful, informative, concise, timely and sparingly used. JetPens respects my time and the integration with MailChimp is just a delight..
2) Website -- brilliant layouts, intuitively organized, easily navigable, great e-commerce experience, always trendy and flexing to stay relevant.
3) Explainers and Guides - thoughtful, cogent writing, brilliantly illustrated, keying in on the critical issues and concerns for new users on every topic.
4) Customer Service -- These days, it's quite rare to get anything more than canned responses to customer inquiries. Not only do I get thoughtful, timely responses to my emails, but I always get a total solution with the first response. The issue has been researched, alternative products or solutions are offered and ordering concerns are addressed and/or resolved quickly.
Thanks and much continued success. While I'm certainly not a high-volume customer, as a writing enthusiast I really appreciate that your product and support teams are consistently brilliant at what they do. I always fight to keep myself from putting your entire catalog into my shopping cart. So clearly, you're doing something right. Thanks again.
- M.D. 4/20/22 (Gaithersburg, Maryland)

Just wanted to thank you again for your great customer service! JetPens is my favorite site for pens and stationary!
- L.N. 2/9/22 (Santa Rosa, California)

Again, thank you very much for having all these wonderful tools available in their variety of colors and sizes, including converters! You all work well as a team to provide us with the comprehensive information that we need, all the way to packaging our orders straight to our door. And never once have there been a problem, even a slight hitch, to the whole process.
- M.S. 2/5/22 (Winnetka, California)

Howdy - just some positive feedback for the JetPens team. I've ordered from you guys several times, and I'm consistently amazed at how nicely everything is packaged and how stinkin' quickly it gets here, even when I order on weekends. I should know better by now, but it's always a pleasant surprise to see stationery swag in my mailbox earlier than expected. Keep up the awesome work!
- R.B. 1/20/22 (Corning, Iowa)

I became addicted to fountain pens about a year ago, then came across your website. I love the tone, the detail, the comparisons, the thoroughness. It makes me want to buy all of my pen supplies from you.
Thank you, I love your business.
- O.M. 1/7/22 (Berkeley, California)

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great work you guys do and for the staff picks gift guides! I loved everyone's description and personalized page! What a great idea! Also, Jetdo's picks made me so happy because so many items were in that perfect jetdo lime green, which is my favorite color! I will have to add many things to my Christmas list! Have a great day!
- M.D. 11/10/21 (Tucson, Arizona)

Thank you so much for everything! You guys rock!
I have been your fan from years now.
Love the products, the quality and the fast shipping even during the hardest of the pandemic, you guys never disappointed me. Ever!
Thanks again for everything!
-O.M. 9/21/21 (Sugarloaf, California)

I received my first order from your company today! OMG I loved the products and the packaging was top notch!! Everything arrived in perfect condition!
The pen sampler is amazing as well, as it allows one to try a variety of pens to see what is best for the individual!
I have loved watching JetPens on YouTube for years, but have never bought stationary online. Well you guys are my new go to. I hope to buy an order each month, or when new products are available as I am slowly becoming addicted to stationary :)
Thank you again, you made my day brighter!
-M.K. 9/14/21 (Fresno, California)

I received my order today. It was swift and prompt. Didn't expect such quick service. As a stationery addict and someone who is forever searching for the perfect stationery, I am really grateful for all your great videos and tips on the different types of stationery available out there. Thank you so much.
-A.E. 9/2/21 (Manama, Bahrain)

I received my order today in Adelaide, Australia.
FedEx was supposed to drop it off this coming Tuesday the 20th but instead dropped it off this afternoon on the 15th.
We are in the middle of some wild weather at the moment and thus I wanted to defer the delivery just in case there would be some trouble with the precious cargo getting soaked or damaged.
I arrived home to find the parcel undented but soaked in a small puddle of water (no fault of the delivery company). It was just so wild and windy that even though it was undercover, the rain had lashed 2m inwards under the covered patio.
I brought the box inside and towelled it dry, the cardboard was moderately soggy but it still had retained its I carefully cut open the box at the seams.
I was truly surprised and thus very impressed to find everything packed meticulously and that due to the great care that was taken with the packaging, especially due to the overlapping taping of the seams of the box, not a single drop of water had managed to enter the parcel.
Everything had arrived in perfect condition and for that, whoever that packed the order deserves high praise for their dedication and commitment to their job.
I have ordered many things over the internet from overseas over the years but the amount of effort taken here for the packing and sending was truly inspiring. Thus, well worth the time for a written review.
-K.L. 7/15/21 (Adelaide, Australia)

I would like to thank you so much for the quality of service you provide. It has been a little over a year since I learned about JetPens, and I have been more and more impressed - with every order (the speed of processing and the care you take in packaging the order) and with each visit to your website (the quality and range of products and how they are described, the incredibly informative videos and articles, and the website design overall - so easy to navigate and find products, and the lists feature is perfection!). Even the one order I had to cancel was handled so smoothly!
I know that there are other fine sites that carry fountain pens and beautiful paper, but, based on my complete satisfaction with the eight orders I have made so far, in the rare times an item has been out of stock, I prefer to wait in order to buy it from JetPens, because then I know it will arrive quickly and in perfect condition. I appreciate your dedication and professionalism, and in my small way, I am happy to support that.
I only wish I could write a review that would match the level of your service. The best I can do is say Thank You!!! I hope that you all are well.
-M.P. 6/2/21 (San Francisco, California)

Just wanted to say you all are the best. I love your products and customer service. Your website is the modern day equivalent of the old Sears Christmas Wishbook. Getting my packages is a mini-Christmas.
-E.S. 3/1/21 (North Chesterfield, Virginia)

Customer service is not dead! The 'piecer' for the ink cartridge broke; em'ed JetPens, they replaced it right away. That's what excellent customer service looks like.
-K.W. 2/26/21 (Sausalito, California)

JetPens! I love you. You always have the quickest processing and shipping out of everyone. I submitted my order late Monday night, saw that my order was being packed on Tuesday, and here I am on Thursday playing with my new pens instead of getting my work done.
I really appreciate everything about Jet Pens. From the customer service, to the shipping and ease of ordering, to the product guides, and all the thorough product details you provide. For example, I was able to find a waterproof pen refill that would fit the Pentel Clena Pen barrel. Love the barrel, hate the fact the ink is not waterproof. It was so easy to find a suitable replacement by just poking around on your website. I also was able to send a electronic gift card to a friend who was going through a rough spot. What an easy way to spread a little joy during these times.
I can go on and on, but I'll stop. Keep up the great work!
-R.G. 2/4/21 (Diamond Bar, California)

I just received my order today, and am I happy!! You folks have class and pay attention to the details!! Everything was packaged so nice; it was well thought out. All the different items were bagged, too. And the shipping! Fast! I live in Ohio, and things don't get shipped this fast from within the state. I know, I live in Ohio-LOL.
Again, thank you for everything. I look forward to doing business with you again- soon.
-R.D. 1/30/21 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

You should know how much I love you people. Seeing a package from you all is a delight in the midst of working on the front lines of the pandemic. The care put into packaging each order is uplifting. With everything going on, what and how you do things is incredibly meaningful to me. I would've written a physical letter, but I ran out of stamps.
-R.E. 1/13/21 (Kissimmee, Florida)

I hope this finds you and yours well and having been treated gently by this first week of the new year.

I wished to thank you for your excellent service! First of all, I made my order on January 4th, (order # 2512339) and today, just three days later, I received the parcel from you. I am amazed at how quickly it arrived, especially considering that I am in a very rural area in far eastern Canada.

Moreover, I am very thankful that you carry the replacement parts I need to continue to use my favorite drawing / writing instrument, the silver Rotring 600. I am a visual artist and purchased my Rotring mechanical pencils while living in Japan in 2005. I have carried a 0.3mm and 0.7mm Rotring 600 with me every day since then, using modified plastic cases (originally supplied with scientific thermometers) to protect my pockets and pencil-tips. Thanks to your carrying replacement parts, my valued implements are becoming lifetime tools.

I wish you great success in this new year, and look forward to dealing with you in the future.
-B.M. 1/7/21 (Otter Creek, Canada)

I ordered a high tec c coleto and a hobo cousin planner and I just wanted to email you to say that I'm proud to have supported your business for five years. It was packaged so carefully and arrived early. Your site was super easy to navigate and helped me make purchases of items I wasn't very familiar with like the pen inserts. I really appreciate you and I wish you many successes in this tumultuous new year.
-K.H. 1/3/21 (Lewiston, Maine)

I'm reaching out to say that really I appreciate the service Jetpens offers. You go the extra mile to show exactly how your products work and interact with one another, and your site is awesome. I do work on an ecommerce site myself, (in a different industry, I promise) and I'm always impressed at how well made and easy your site is to use. The videos you produce for each product really help me make an informed decision, and your curated collections are always a fun thing to check out. I choose you over places like Amazon because I know that I will get a quality, genuine product and your free shipping threshold is super reasonable.
I have learned brush calligraphy and pushed my lettering to new bounds in no small part due to products I couldn't reasonably find elsewhere. This has provided joy to my family and friends (recently in the form of Christmas cards with lettered addresses) and helped give me direction and focus in hard times.
Keep up the great work! I hope to continue to be unable to resist purchasing awesome stuff in the future.. just need to ask my wife first. Thank you all for what you do.
-T.C. 12/16/20 (Harrisville, UT)

Thanks for a great shopping experience! I try to "shop local" but my local pen guy retired with the shutdown this spring, sadly... . But you provide a really good alternative. I appreciate that your website is easy to navigate, the selection and prices are very competitive, and incredible shipping time -- 2 days from California to Michigan, especially given the current issues with the US mail -- and everything arrived exactly as expected.
-M.S. 11/23/20 (Detroit, Michigan)

You are the best. Consistency, quality, speed, reliability. It's all there!! It's something else!! It's amazing to experience. Thank you.
-C.B. 10/26/20 (Omaha, Nebraska)

Hi, I just want to send you all a note to tell you how much I enjoy your website. Your videos showing how each pen works are extremely helping in helping me decide what works for me. Keep up the great work!
-P.H. 10/7/20 (Duncan, Oklahoma)

It was my very first time purchasing products from JetPens. The package arrived even earlier than the estimated delivery date. Everything was well packaged and all the ordered items were included. I tested the pens and they all work. I am extremely happy with my experience with JetPens and I will purchase from them again. They have a great selection of high quality products. I need a bit of cheer me up these days and opening an envelope of stationery items (I purchased, among other things, the turquoise pen sampler) brought a smile to my face. Much needed. Thank you.
-G.G. 9/29/20 (Hillsborough, North Carolina)

As usual, I was very satisfied with the pens and the packaging. Thanks for doing such a good job and making my writing so pleasant.
-E.F. 9/21/20 (Burbank, California)

I have loved every product I’ve received. Thank you for helping my life in the pandemic to be colorful and creatively nourished.
-V.D. 9/1/20 (Seattle, Washington)

Every time I order something from JetPens I am absolutely astounded at how quickly my order arrives. I am one of those people who loved the stationery store "back in the day", and your breadth and quality of products has basically ruined me for any other purveyor of pens. You have really done it this time. I ordered a small packet of stuff - 2 pens, a notebook, some ink on a Wednesday evening, I think, and the packet arrived on Saturday morning! Standard slow boat delivery! I think I am in love. Y'all are just amazing.
-S.P. 7/26/20 (Martinez, California)

Just a quick note to thank you again for a wonderful service. My order was shipped on 6 June and reached me this morning, in regional NSW, Australia!!! Three days from door to door!!! I live three hours from Sydney and it’s unlikely that Australia Post could deliver a parcel from Sydney in that time!
My orders are always 100% correct, packaged perfectly, and delivered so quickly! Thank you again for such an efficient and reliable service.
-S.M. 6/9/20 (Mayfield, Australia)

Here we are in the middle of a global pandemic, and this order was a) not slow to fulfill, b) not slow or delayed to ship, and c) arrived faster than expected. Like, a LOT faster. It really doesn't seem like current events have in any way diminished your service. For me, that's excellent, but I really, really hope you folks are staying safe. It's a pretty selfish hope -- if you stay healthy, your biz stays healthy, and I get to keep buying things from you -- but it's an honest hope. Please stay safe, folks.

Oh, and whoever packed my order needs a pat on the back. The "strap all the wee, loose things to a piece of cardboard and then shrink-wrap it" method is a really clever way to keep everything in order. Seriously, it looked like a presentation rather than a package. The bottle of ink was packed as if it were a holy relic, and yet somehow quite efficiently, as well. All my extremely fragile, break-if-you-look-at-them-wrong colored pencil leads arrived whole. I don't know if it was one person or a team effort, but, either way, I'm very grateful for the care that was clearly used.

I wish you all success and heath. Thank you.
-T.C. 5/14/20 (Austin, Texas)

Just received my first order and I’m delighted. Your website is chock full of terrific information, great selection and is easy to navigate. Ordering was quick and easy- well, once I realized I couldn’t order it all! With no art supply store anywhere near me, it was great to have blogs and video to guide my decisions. Well done and I look forward to adding new gems to my daily doodles and ramblings.
-M.D. 3/11/20 (Two Rivers, Wisconsin)

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the awesome service and speed of delivery of my previous order. I subscribe to your YouTube channel and follow you on Instagram as well. I'm only upset that you always post cute things and it makes me wanna buy it! Thank you JetPens for making my purchase easy, for not using ridiculous packaging to send my orders (my Amazon orders drive me crazy with their useless packaging sometimes) and of course I love the items that I have purchased. You definitely made me a repeat customer.
-J.E. 3/2/20 (Lomita, California)

I wanted to write a note that every time I order from this company, my order arrives quickly or right on the expected delivery date. I appreciate the little cartoons you add in the shipment. My products are always in perfect condition. Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of my stationery addiction :)

I can’t wait until my most recent order arrives and I know it will be perfect. Thank you, Jet Pens! You’re doing an awesome job :).
-V.Z 12/26/19 (Rio Rancho, New Mexico)

You guys are one fantastic company!! I found you guys on YouTube while I was searching for mechanical pencils as I got into them around four years ago. I have been browsing, following your guys on YouTube, subscribed to the newsletter etc. when I am bored I browse on your website and research my own stationery tastes through your blogs and guides. And I also have gotten a few of my friends into stationery. They are amazing and make boring study sessions into fantastic ones. They very first thing I saw on YouTube was the uni kuru toga. And I bought it and kept it ever since.(4yrs) I live the fast email responses and great shipping and packing of the products ordered. I love the easy and detailed website layout. I can easily find the things I want. You guys are just amazing and make me a happy high school senior with perfectly chosen study tools.
-C.H. 7/19/19 (Metairie, Louisiana)

Also, I'd like to thank you and your team for the exceptional layout and presentation of your entire webpage. Regardless of my order meeting the uses for which I purchased them, your entire site has been a refreshing glimpse at what web design could and should be in the year 2019. Far too frequently have I slogged through the terrible user interface choices of companies that I'm subscribed to, who are complacent from regular payment systems. The entire experience has been, for lack of a better word, a joy.
-M.L. 4/2/19 (Leavenworth, Kansas)

Superb service from the Jetpen team. My initial order arrived all broken, but Antonia at Jetpen responded quickly and offered me replacement leads without extra charge after learning about the issue. The new leads arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very satisfied with both the leads and the service. Will definitely order from Jetpen again!
-A.O. 3/9/19 (Naperville, Illinois)

This is my first order since happening upon your web site and just, well, wow!
And it made me want to let you know how pleased I am.
All items were packed well, and received quickly and in good condition. The expedited delivery was an unexpected and much appreciated gesture.
With regard to the web site -- the quality of the products, the enormous variety, the beautiful presentation, the comprehensive detail, the ease of searching and filtering (and the overall ease-of-use of the web site itself), the fantastic guides and graphics -- again, just, wow!
-W.F. 3/1/19 (Carlsbad, California)

Just wanted to say that I've been using your service for years and never once have I been disappointed with the products or the services I received. There was once an instance where I made a mistake in my order and I had to cancel it and your customer service was nothing short of the best customer experience I've ever had or could even imagine. You've helped to support my stationary addiction and made taking notes and going through school more enjoyable than what I thought was possible. You've made high-quality stationery accessible to a great number of people including myself and for that, I thank you.
-J.R. 2/26/19 (Arlington, Virginia)

I am amazed at how fast I received my latest order. I ordered on January 16th and the order was in my mailbox on January 19th and that was shipping from coast to coast. That is one of the reasons that I keep coming back, couple that with a great item inventory and very competitive prices and you see where I am going. You have made a very happy return customer. Keep the fantastic customer service going.
-R.M. 1/19/19 (Douglas, Georgia)

I have been a jetpens customer for many years, and with every order I have been very impressed with the care and quality of every package I have received. I have never had anything missing or incorrect in my order, nor have I ever been disappointed in the products themselves. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you, and I appreciate the level of work that is put into every bundle of joy that i get from Jetpens. :)
-C.D. 1/8/19 (Fullerton, California)

I want to say thank you for the outstanding service you provide. The customer education articles and videos are priceless. And you have never failed to ship anything I've ordered within one business day. Everything is always well wrapped, which is important given the kinds of things you sell!
Your prices are more than fair, and I love the variety of hard-to-find things you carry. I wish every one of you there all the best. Thank you for what you do, no matter what role you play. You bring something purely positive into the world!
-M.S. 11/26/18 (Belton, Missouri)

Just a quick note to express how amazing your service is. I'm ordering from Canada and, although I hesitated at first due to the exchange rate and shipping costs, I'm so glad I decided to order. This was my second shipment and everything arrived that I had ordered and it was neatly packaged. It even got to me faster than FedEx could populate the tracking number! I know it's getting to be the crazy time of year but i just wanted to say thank you.
-N.T. 11/13/18 (St Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

I have recieved everything and have even drawn something with every marker I purchased. I love everything that I buy every time. I am never disappointed. Thank you so much for the amazing quality, fast travel, and excellent shopping experiences. I love your online store! Ill be sure to purchase more in the near future! Thanks a bunch!
-J.L. 11/13/18 (Holmes, Pennsylvania)

The items were exactly what I wanted and expected. JetPens is an excellent source for those seeking quality writing products.
-S.F. 10/6/18 (Summerville, South Carolina)

I found Jet Pens just this year and you are now my favorite site. When I am treating myself to a little splurge, it is not Nordstrom's for me. It's Jet Pens!! The video tutorials and blog posts are so well done and informative. And it's great to be able to look up all the little details about each product on the site and compare them. Super fast free shipping with everything beautifully packaged is a bonus! I'm mad about the Diamine and Iroshizuku inks and the wonderful fountain pens I've bought on your site. I now have a huge assortment of pens, mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, inks, notebooks, watercolors, etc from Jet Pens. My stationery hoarding has reached new (embarrassing) heights thanks to you! LOL. I LOVE JET PENS! (Have you thought of offering support groups and rehab programs for stationery addiction?) ;) Actually it would be so fun if Jet Pens had events where we "stationery people" could see new products and demos and chat with each other. I would come up for something like that.
-S.R. 9/13/18 (Fallbrook, California)

I want to thank you for existing and having such a great website! I am a complete LOVER of Japanese stationery and office products, and I lived in San Francisco and New York for a total of 20 years. That means I was able to go to stores like Muji and Books Kinokuniya to re-stock all of my supplies. I then moved to Florida where these stores do not exist, and would have to wait until my next trip to stock up--until I discovered!

This website carries everything I could dream of! Plus, the shipping is super fast.
-J.S. 9/12/18 (Clearwater, Florida)

I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding products! Also, I love how simple your website is use. It is easy to navigate and I do not have to wait for pictures to load. Your website is user friendly for people with varied tastes and preferences. I often splurge with an order from your company. I like pens, particularly brush pens and I can buy some unique ones on your site without spending a lot of money. I love that $25 and it ships free. (I always spend at least $25 since its a good excuse to buy a couple more pens) Your variety is always good with new stuff arriving often. Sometimes wish some pens would stay around a tad longer, but completely understand. I also love that the products come quickly, even with free shipping. They are always packaged appropriately. I recommend you to anyone I meet that loves pens. I tell them how awesome you are constantly.
-A.W. 8/1/18 (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Hi, I wanted to express my gratitude to your outstanding business JetPens, your website is intuitive and a pleasure to use. You have raised the bar for any other competitor and they aren’t even close to providing the service you do. I recently discovered that you save my past order and it was incredibly helpful in choosing supplies that I love, thank you and please never change,
-R.A. 7/30/18 (Dartmouth, Massachusetts)

Just wanted to let you know that I love your store. I been buying pens and other supplies from you all for 5+ years. I know I can always find something thing new and fun to try! Jet Pens you rock!
-K.R. 7/19/18 (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Hello! I just wanted to pass along a compliment for the EXCELLENT service I consistently receive from Jet My recent order as well as the one before that, arrived ahead of schedule and packed very securely. That is especially important given the indiscriminate way my local mail carrier crams packages into our mailboxes, where I live; please pass that along. :-) I will definitely be placing another order in the next 24 hours or so, likely for another one of these fun Pilot Plumix pens. You guys have become my #1 go-to for fountain pen supplies. Thank you and have a good day, and keep up the GREAT work!
-J.D. 7/19/18 (Ozark, Missouri)

Rather than give each individual item a review, I wanted to give JetPens an overall review. I have placed several orders with JetPens and have been happy with each & every item. I did have one item that I returned and it was received quickly and my refund was almost instantaneous! You do an excellent job of packaging. If I order any notebooks, they are securely wrapped onto a cardboard and arrive in mint condition. Thanks for the wonderful products you sell and for all of the people in your organization for the wonderful job they do!
-N.L. 5/16/18 (Rockford, Illinois)

You won my business! I just placed and order for a Treveller's notebook with a lot of accessories from you. Want to know why? I'll tell you in a second. I have to let you know that I'm disabled and this is a HUGE investment for me and I have been looking at all sorts of notebooks like this for quite some time. Being just outside St. Louis, I can't get to a store who carries anything to check any out firsthand, so I had to rely on the internet. I first purchased an inexpensive copy off Amazon. Terrible quality, so it went back. I tried another. Also a major letdown, but even more money! Another return. I figured the heck with it - I might as well do this right, so I looked to see who came up first for sellers via Google listings and there you were. I never heard of the company nor seen any ads, so I looked - and was blown away! you fine folks have EVERYTHING for the TN notebooks! No more wondering where to go for the "upgrades" I plan to do! I just want to say thanks for backing what I have been told is the highest quality book of this type and I am very much looking forward to giving it use for the rest of my life. you were not the cheapest seller, by the way...easy to get around the site and shop. Love the mailing options. I just wanted to say thank you, even in advance of receiving my order.
-M.W. 5/4/18 (Ballwin, Missouri)

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your products !!! All my life I was picky about my writing instruments. When I found one I liked, I would guard it with my life, and carry others in case someone wanted to borrow one, I'd have one that I could part with. I found your website because it was mentioned in a magazine for old folks called "Mature Focus" which covers all sorts of topics for people over 60. The writer of an article mentioned something about your site and stated it was the best place to find pens if you were like him, very particular and hoarded the "good" ones for yourself. That fits me to a "T", so I checked you out. I am thrilled I saw that recommendation in that magazine and have been thrilled with all I have purchased. I may have to take a break from buying anything for a while. Let's face it, I can only write so much ! Thank you for great, thin ink pens !!! And cases, notebooks, etc., etc., etc. :)
-J.S. 4/25/18 (Eldridge, Iowa)

I can't begin to relate how much the quality of your business means to me and my obsession for all things pen and ink. That an order arrives on my doorstep in fantastic condition make me feel like I'm being visited by a true friend. Thanks so much. I'll be back!!!!
-J.B. 4/10/18 (Concord, New Hampshire)

Thank you very much for offering a fantastic selection of materials! Your website is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S-!!!!!! I learn so much from your website regarding all types of writing instruments. I am most grateful for the fantastic level of service you provide.
-N.C. 2/28/18 (San Francisco, California)

Jet Pens service : 5 stars - amazing & personal service from Christine & Heidi - contacted me after I placed the order & before dispatch, to confirm if I had ordered correctly, matching up my order with an enquiry e-mail from a month before.
-T.A. 1/22/18 (Haute-Savoie, France)

I appreciate all the help you provided on this and previous orders. I have recommended jetpens to many friends. I will be back soon. Your customer support was outstanding.
-S.S. 1/22/18 (Chicago, Illinois)

I just wanted to let someone know that I have really had a good experience shopping online from you. I wanted to thank you for the quick and excellent customer service each time I have ordered. Thanks for providing great service. You have a lifelong customer.
-L.D. 1/16/18 (Maryland Heights, Missouri)

No complaints here, just wanted to say I think Jetpens is amazing! You stock almost everything a stationary fan could, have awesome videos, write informative posts about topics, send emails that I actually love reading, and much more. Kudos to the entire Jetpens team --keep being awesome :) .
-B.F. 1/12/18 (San Francisco, California)

I just want to say how awesome your company is. Truly, I have never received such consistent outstanding service, products, and shipping. You have set the bar for all other companies I do business with. Thank You.
-H.V. 1/10/18 (Blacklick, Ohio)

I love your newsletter, which is a strange thing to say about something that lands in my Promotional inbox in Gmail. It is always so colorful and makes me excited about writing! I love the way your website operates, with both tutorials and products side-by-side. I wish you continued success in a world that is scarily dominated by two or three online juggernauts.
-J.S. 1/1/18 (Hurricane, West Virginia)

I just want to say that you guys rock! Best website EVER! So informative and user friendly! Fast service too! I will not buy my pens anywhere else.
-N.L. 12/6/17 (Naugatuck, Conneticut)

JetPens definitely went above and beyond to help out in a situation where they were not at all obligated to. JetPens has been my number one place to buy pens since the beginning of this obsession, and that shall continue. Buy your pens from them, dangit.
-I.V. 9/20/17 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

I cannot accurately explain to you, how much I appreciate this company. The service is great, the selection is great, the product quality, great. The little white boxes most things ship in are also super cool.
I write with kind of a weird grip so most pencils and pens don't write very well for me, and as a result my writing is complete garbage, but the quality of these products really aids me for my writing not to look like kanji, at least when it's not supposed to anyways. In school, kids will ask how much a spent for that pen/pencil. They usually are quite surprised when they learn I've spent probably $100+ on writing utensils, but when the feel the quality they become a bit more understanding.
-D.S. 9/14/17 (Bulger, Pennsylvania)

I've bought from JetPens twice in the last few months and I'm very pleased with the variety of products available, the ease of ordering and paying, and the quality of the packaging. Because I live in San Francisco, the packages arrive the next day. That's impressive. I have to mention the superb quality of the website, not just the amount of useful information and ease of use, but also the aesthetic quality. I really appreciate what must have been (and still must be) a mind-boggling amount of work. I've used many of the website's features, especially Articles and Guides and Curated Collections. Thanks for the new Made in America Guide. My friends and family are getting tired of me recommending JetPens, so I'll have to stop doing that for a few days, but I remain a loyal customer. Thanks JetPens!
-D.C. 7/3/17 (San Francisco, California)

I just wanted to say thank you to the JetPens team. You are one of the best e-shops around, and I am incredibly proud to be one of your loyal customers.
Thanks for routinely satisfying my stationary cravings!
-P.L. 6/30/17 (Sacramento, California)

I just wanted to say how easy it is to e-shop through your website. Everything is so logically organized, so easy to find and nicely described and illustrated. All the links work perfectly and placing my orders has always been a smooth and seamless operation. Maintaining a site of this complexity must be a truly full-time job, and my hat goes off to you.
I'm sixty-six, of the generation who went through high school and college with old Scripto 1.0mm pencils and slide rules, and I know from experience that everyone will grab an opportunity to gripe and complain, but few will take a chance to offer praise where and when it is due.
Kudos also to the folks in the order fulfillment side of your operation. My orders have always been packed well, and have arrived promptly.
-B.R. 5/24/17 (Savage, Maryland)

I am writing to tell you how much I love your products and website. Everything about it is a 10++: the design, the quality of displays, the video demos, the voiceovers, the sound quality. It's definitely got a personality.....laid-back, cool, committed, addictive (to pens and related arts). I could go on and on and on! Even your confirmation letters are special.
More important, or equally important, your pens are top quality: I'm always ordering new models and colors, inspired by your videos which are juuuuust right: not too long and very well demonstrated, with just the right amount of talking and no hype or hysteria.
Your videos always make me want to pick up my own Sakura or micron or whatever and start writing or sketching or doodling. It's nice knowing that there are other pen-nerds out there who still love the feel of a pen gliding along the surface of paper.
So, to sum up; Thanks again for offering a superior product shown on a superior website that's maintained by superior employees who work for a superior company like JetPens. Even your name is superior. JetPens. Precisely.
-P.F. 5/24/17 (New York, NY)

I just had to say that I absolutely love Jet Pens. I spend way too much with you and talk all my friends into buying things from you, but my pens and paper and whatnot make me very happy. I love your guides and new products and you're always responsive and mail things out quickly.
You guys are the best!
-J.H. 5/11/17 (Durham, North Carolina)

Hi guys! I just wanted to say I am always absolutely blown away by how fast I get my order. I'm always expecting to wait a week or so, and every time I order I get it within a couple days! It's crazy! You guys are the best and I love you so much. Thanks for all the great stuff!!!
-L.D. 5/11/17 (Iowa City, Iowa)

All my purchases from Jetpens are always awesome. It is my favorite online store. I have promoted your store more than any other store online. If I could write this email with one your awesome fountain pens, I would! Every year at our school when parents start asking "Where should I buy this or that" I refer everybody to Jetpens.
-F.A. 4/20/17 (San Francisco, California)

Your website is AMAZING! I have made one purchase so far and can't wait to make another one. I live in Australia and locally find that it difficult to find a supplier with the range and price that Jetpens provides.
I also find your guides and social media offerings to be helpful, comprehensive and easy to understand. I really appreciate what you do.
-R.P. 4/18/17 (Australia)

I wish you guys an inordinate amount of success! You are such a pleasure to do business with. I have a few friends who share my fanaticism for writing instruments and I have told all of them about you guys. You guys are killing it!
-M.R. 4/19/17 (Golden, Colorado)

You are amazing. I got my order of pens in less than 3 days. The quality of the items is superb. I will recommend you to those I know, as well as order from you again. Never had such great service.
-C.H. 4/17/17 (Vallejo, California)

Just wanted to say thank you for being an upstanding company. I don't order stationery from any other website. Thank you for maintaining such a user friendly website and always being so helpful.
-H.R. 4/4/17 (Boone, North Carolina)

This is an incredible site! Thanks for all the hard work and detail that went into it. I love everything I have received; a multitude of pens and a terrific pencil case. It is so nice of you to feed a fellow stationery husband always knows where to find me if we are in a store together. The guides to the products are particularly fun to read. I am a lefty and have dragged my hand through 55 years of written work. Your treatise on pens for lefties was a huge help to me! I can't wait for my next order. Thank you so much.
-S.D. 3/28/17 (New Salem, Massachusetts)

Everything is great, and I'm really enjoying your site! Soooo much fun. I've shared your site with several "pencil and pen friends," and they love it too! Great job--Bravo!
-A.H. 3/28/17 (Santa Rosa Valley, California)

It's a pleasure to browse your site - the articles and guides are especially excellent. Thank you so much for the care, commitment and prompt delivery. I wish you had a physical store I could visit!
-D.D. 3/24/17 (San Francisco, California)

Within one day, I was addicted to your website. Within two days, I was rearranging my finances to find more money to spend on Your website rocks, you have great products, and you have great service. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work fueling my addiction :)
-T.G. 2/20/17 (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

I love your store!! It is the only online store I buy calligraphy supplies from. I'm a 27 year old disabled, mostly housebound (can't leave for very long periods of time if at all because of chronic illness, mental illness) and I've been a patron for about 2 years now. The first item I ever bought was a kuratake brush pen (blue).
Your selection and price remains unmatched. At this point, with your selection, you could price gouge but you don't!! That says so much about the ethics of your company. Just dropping a line to say THANK YOU for that, and if I'm so grateful.
Through art, my quality of life has improved a lot. It reminds me I'm a person with feelings, not a walking illness.
Thank you is not enough to express this.
-Q.B. 2/20/17 (Rock Hill, South Carolina)

I just wanted to say "Thank you" to your awesome staff. I ordered on February 15th and had my items by the 18th - and that was just with routine shipping - nothing fancy or "rush." And the items themselves were so well described on your site (and the reviews so "real") that when they arrived, there were no disappointing surprises like can happen when you're picking out things that havet to meet one's personal standards and tastes. You folks are a great resource and I just wanted to add my comments to the long list of accolades for JetPens.
-L.J. 1/20/17 (Los Angeles, California)

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for your excellent service in conjunction with my recent purchase of a pen. Beautifully packaged, as always, and really very quickly delivered Very impressive. You are not always cheapest for EU buyers because of Import taxes but you are definitely the most reliable anywhere. Once again, Thank you very much!
-C.F. 1/20/17 (Landskrona, Sweden)

I recently received an order of various inks from Jet Pens. I am a fountain pen nut. I love writing with a fountain pen. I discovered JetPens about a year ago. Your selection of products is great! Your service has been nothing short of superb. I'll be back.
-T.S. 1/25/17 (Roanoke, Virginia)

I heard about after watching SBREBrown's YouTube video on how to select a first fountain pen. I logged onto your website simply to browse your collection and I was completely absorbed in it for an entire hour or probably two or more. The website is extremely well designed, simple, easy to navigate and loads very fast. I especially love the filter. I love the fountain pens I purchased. I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer. :)
-P.G. 1/20/17 (Ballwin, Missouri)

Those guys at Jetpens really know their stuff. They stock great merchandise at very reasonable prices, and even though I live in Canada and their warning prompts me delivery might take up to 45 days, all of the six to eight or so orders I've made have been delivered in 10 days or less. The packages are always excellently packed, you can tell a lot of time and thought has been put into making sure everything is well bubbled wrapped and safe, so fragile things like nibs and leads are protected, and notebooks, papers, planners are always shrink wrapped and never have any creases or marks. They package is always a pleasure to open. I love this website and I've recommended it for plenty of people who are willing to invest the money in high quality stationary, and will continue to do so and be a customer with pens for a very long time.
-A.M. 1/18/17 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hello! I just had to email to say THANK YOU for the super fast shipping! I just received my first order and couldn't be happier with the fast shipping and the way my order was packaged. I look foward to placing more orders in the future!!
-C.B. 12/20/16 (New Haven, Missouri)

I just want to say I love this site. I find it incredibly easy to navigate and find exactly what I am looking for.
-M.M. 12/14/16 (Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada)

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the two orders that I recently received from you. I have been very impressed with the fast shipping, but most especially with the exquisite care you take in wrapping the items. I ordered some dip pen nibs, and they were wrapped in bubble wrap with a sticker that said that there were smaller items in there. I also ordered a glass dip pen, which also came wrapped with great care. Yesterday I received another order, and even though nothing there was particularly breakable, it, too, came in bubble wrap with the now familiar sticker. Thank you very much for being an awesome company, for providing top-of-the-line products, and for having a customer service and order fulfillment that is off-the-charts! So few companies these days take the time and care that you do. It's incredibly refreshing. Please know that you have a customer for life!
-A.K. 12/6/16 (Tumwater, Washington)

I just want to say I love this website! My sister was looking for things to get me for Christmas and I just pointed her to this site, because y'all have some of the best quality pens and paper you can get. I discovered .38 tip pens from this site, perfect for my tiny handwriting, and discovered how amazing dotted line paper is, especially when I was in school for economics and I'd have to switch constantly between notes and graphs. This website has the cutest and coolest things and is basically heaven for an office supply nerd like myself.
-S.J. 11/15/16 (Memphis, Tennessee)

I've been a Jet Pens' customer for a few years now and I didn't think I could like this site any better than I already do! Well I stand corrected!
Like I said, I've been buying from this site for a few years and I never had a strong reason for which I wanted to return an item. But last month I bought a gel pen that didn't work and because I've bought other gel pens from the same brand and they worked fine I thought it was probably just one defective pen and decided to buy another one of the same color. I read that you can return unopened items, and since English is not my first language I take everything literally. When I bought the second gel pen (same color) and it didn't work, I thought to leave a review for that specific color so that other people wouldn't have the same experience and so that the site, knowing now that something is wrong with that specific color, would probably try to fix the problem, probably with the makers of it. Less than 24 hours later, after I left my review about the product, I received an e-mail from Customer Services expressing their regrets about my bad experience and offering me a few very helpful tips about how to apply heat to the tip to make the pen work. In the e-mail they also let me know that if the product is defective I can always return it even if it's open. I sent an e-mail back expressing my gratitude for their concerns and letting them know I already tried those tricks even before I left my review for the pen. I then proceeded to assure them that I'm still going to be ordering from their site regularly and with more confidence now that I know I can return open products as long as their defective and I will be getting a replacement. That, I thought, would be the end of that matter. But Customer Services went a step further by sending me another e-mail, again with their regrets that I destroyed the pens in the process of trying to make them work and promised to send me a replacement in my next order or when it was more convenient for me. I was grateful and I am very impress with their eagerness in helping their customers to get everything just right! I've already told every artist that I came in contact with on how good this site is and also how I love that if you spend $25 or more you have free shipping and they never change that (unlike other sites, which start with $25 free shipping and then keep increasing the amount of spending and trick you into spend more than what you actually need or want). I usually only use those sites when it's absolutely necessary!
I'm leaving this testimonial to help other customers; hoping that I help other people realize that this is actually a great site, a site that cares!
-E.J. 12/5/16 (Grovetown, Georgia)

I recently placed my first order from your company and it arrived today. I discovered JetPens from watching YouTube videos about various stationery products. Additionally, I was searching for a clear vinyl bookcover for my Hobonichi Cousin datebook, and your company popped up on the Internet search for that item. I just wanted to say that I am delighted with everything I chose from your store and have showed off the items to others. I'm pretty sure the waitress at Pizza Hut thinks I'm a nut for showing her my items, but she seemed to enjoy trying out my new pens and highlighters quite a bit. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for nicely packaging my new items for shipment and to let you know how much I like them.
-M.S. 12/2/16 (Wenatchee, Washington)

I just wanted to compliment you guys on this website. It is one of the most organized and beautifully simplistic websites I have ever used. Your inventory is vast, and your product info/reviews are thorough and relevant. I have just recently gotten interested in writing with nicer pens/pencils and using higher quality notebooks, and JetPens has been an extremely helpful tool for me thus far. Seriously, though - I am very impressed with this website, and plan to be a customer for a long time!
-J.A. 11/15/16 (Ossining, New York)

Thank you for my order which came sooner than expected, in perfect order and condition. I've ordered from Jet Pens before and have always been very satisfied.
-B.A. 10/19/16 (Havana, Florida)

No question, no complaint!! Just a thank you for your FAST shipping on all your orders I have made with your company!!!!!! You never disappoint!!!!!
-R.F. 10/14/16 (Oxnard, California)

Wow, thank you for such impressive processing. I certainly did not expect to receive a shipment this quickly. Although I haven't placed many orders, each of my interactions with JetPens has been outstanding. From the easy-to-use-website, excellent customer service and reassuring order process (including Google Trusted Store). It encourages me to recommend your company to others and plan future purchases, too. Thank you very much.
-R.N. 9/19/16 (West Hartford, Connecticut)

I've said this before but I'll say it again. Jetpens customer support is second to none. I've shopped a lot on line for many years and have never seen any merchant support even close to yours. Always a pleasure - thanks for everything!
-J.R. 9/17/16 (Mill Valley, California)

This site is quickly becoming my favorite to shop on. I haven't made a ton of purchases on here, but I have made enough to know that the people who run this site really care about pens, penmanship, and quality products. Keep up the AMAZING work
-T.K. 9/13/16 (Ocala, Florida)

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your quick service, turnaround, and delivery. My package arrived today, beautifully and securely packed, and I can't wait to play with my new goodies. Thanks so much.
-C.M. 9/12/16 (Columbia, Maryland)

I just wanted to comment on the extraordinary customer service and experience I had with JetPens. I am a new customer and I recently purchased my favorite pens I use at work (Zebra). When I received my order, in a timely fashion which was greatly appreciated, I found that there were a few pens of various color that kept skipping. This really became quite frustrating for me as I am a registered nurse so I need a reliable pen for fast writing during report etc. I contacted JetPens and a customer associate promptly gave me some tips in an attempt to trouble shoot such as identifying that with temperature changes pens can skip and actually relayed helpful information to try to make the pens work appropriately. Unfortunately, the techniques suggested were unsuccessful. I contacted JetPens again and without any delay they sent me two 4 pack Zebra pens at no extra cost to me and they also tested the pens before sending them to ensure they worked effectively! I am so pleased and grateful for the educated tips and the prompt and generous resolution of the problem. I will certainly continue to purchase these pens (and others because in viewing your website it appears you guys carry some great products!) and refer this company to my fellow peers. Thank you and your team for providing excellent customer service and prompt resolution of the issue.
-T.R. 8/18/16 (Ellington, Connecticut)

Jetpens has been the site that I get my school supplies for the past two years and it has never disappointed me - customer service and merchandise.
-A.Z. 8/11/16 (Surrey, British Columbia)

My purpose of this note is to thank you and to compliment you on the way JetPens handled ALL aspects of my order, [which] was executed PERFECTLY. All 25 items were picked and packaged with 100++% accuracy and care. Everything arrived in perfect condition and, to top it off, I received the order just 4 days after placing the order. Amazing!! From California to Pennsylvania in just 4 days. In short, you guys have impressed the heck out of me with this first order. I plan and hope to be a customer of yours for a long, long time!! Thank you so much for everything!! Kudos to the JetPens team.
-S.L. 8/8/16 (York, Pennsylvania)

Just wanted to say JetPens is the absolute best pen company on the planet! Every other company i have visited will not ship one single pen, you have to order in bulk. Plus ya'll have an excellent line of pens and other writing instruments.
-D.G. 7/30/16 (Huntsville, Texas)

In my experience, in retail over the past 30+ years, I've dealt with hundreds of people and companies...and, JetPens stands out, which, in our ever-growing expanding electronic world, personal service is often forgotten. Well, it is recognized by me!!!! So, cudos to JetPens.
-K.S. 7/22/16 (Ardmore, Pennsylvania)

I wanted to thank you for shipping my order so fast and for the packaging of my order. The pen case was in bubble wrap, the color book was also inside the bubble wrap to prevent bending. Thank you for taking the time to make sure my order came all in one piece, the case undamaged and the book unbent. Great Great GREAT customer service.
-T.A. 7/20/16 (Vancouver, Washington)

I have purchased from JetPens two times. Both were times that I found myself needing a specific pen, and not being able to find it anywhere else. I came to JetPens not sure what to expect. I left knowing I had found one of the best sites online – they are courteous, kind, speedy and always have what I need in stock. Also – their prices are A.m.a.z.i.n.g! Love Love Love JetPens!
-C.S. 7/14/16 (Fredericksburg, Virginia)

Best site and pens I've found!! Love the Gelly Rolls. And your shipping time is second to none. Thank you for the option to pick only the colors and styles of gel pens you need at any given time.
--P.M. 7/6/16 (Jemison, Alabama)

I can't believe how quickly my order came, even with a holiday weekend. Everything was meticulously packed and I love what I ordered. I will be a faithful JetPens customer and will recommend you. I bought my son his first fountain pen, so I promise there will be more orders in the future!
--S.C. 7/6/16 (Stamford, Connecticut)

I am just writing to say that I got my order of Kuratake paint refills in a really timely fashion and am really happy with what I've got. Its been a bit of a detective game trying to find these refills in the first place, so to find them at a good price and to get them so quickly was a great bonus. Thank you so much for the speedy service and I'll most definitely be ordering from here again.
--C.B. 5/26/16 (Seattle, Washington)

I love your site; know of no web site as sophisticated, instructive, helpful or reasonably priced. Your enthusiasm for pens and all other sorts of writing materiel is infectious.
--M.H. 5/4/16 (McLean, Virginia)

You folks have some great tutorials! I just watched the fountain pen filler tutorial, and as always this one is great! I really appreciate these nuggets of wisdom! And I also enjoy looking at the various wares that you have to offer.
--L.D. 4/20/16 (Annapolis, Maryland)

Was just getting ready to ask my son, who lives in Japan, to send me more Pilot Juice 0.7 Turquoise Blue pens when I decided (yet again) to Google to see if I could find in the US. I was very pleased to find them at your site, and placed an order. My son and I have been sharing our favorite pens for many years, and he often brings me something new from Japan, that I never found in the US. After reading your article on Japanese pens, I now understand why!
--L.M. 4/19/16 (Silver Spring, Maryland)

JetPens - I posted reviews on some of the items I received but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your service and your website. I agree with all of the great testimonials! I count on your website reviews and information to help me decide what product fits my needs. The reviews are always so helpful in showing the difference in the similar products, whether it is the calligraphy brush pens or white ink pens. You offer first-rate choices that are all highly recommended so the comparisons really make it easier to pick the one for me. And the results have been just as shown - no disappointments! It's so nice to know what to expect. I have ordered twice and have been very pleased with the quick service and top notch products. You guys are the BEST!
--J.E. 4/13/16 (Clancy, Montana)

My first multi-pen haul! Very impressed with your site, the speedy shipping and of course, the pens! I'm hooked!
--R.H. 3/17/2016 (O Fallon, Missouri)

You have the COOLEST website, the easiest to use when browsing, the friendliest and most open and honest just in terms of navigating. I congratulate you for making shopping on the internet a pleasure. Visually pleasing, easy to use. What else can I say? Okay, I'll be back.
--R.A. 3/11/2016 (Los Angeles, California)

Awesome. I appreciate being able to order these pens separately without buying whole sets. I am a practicing artist and go through a lot of these pens, it seems more colors than others. It gets costly to have to buy a whole set of pens for one or two colors you use a lot of. The order was just what I wanted and I do appreciate your business. I will be making more purchases with you for sure. Thanks for the good service, and the courtesy to ask what I thought.
--J.B. 3/7/2016 (Coarsegold, California)

I love jetpens!! Not knocking what works for others (well, maybe kinda) but your videos and other resources are very helpful, don't sneakily advertise stuff you sell, and are never smarmy. Thank you for that!
--M.S. 2/11/2016 (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Hello. This email is thanking you for your wonderful service. I am a relatively new customer having placed my first order in August 2015. Looking at my order history, it seems I have purchased something almost every month since that time. Your items were a big hit at Christmas with my art major son. I would like to give credit where credit is due. I found your site through the blog, "The Well-Appointed Desk", by Ana Reinert. Thank you again for taking the time to package all products well for shipping (love the stickers that say things like LOOK AT ME", and such quick shipping time. Have a good day.
--K.P. 2/1/2016 (National City, California)

I just want to say how pleased I am at your very, very fast shipping. I was so surprised to get my pens in the mail. And then I had a question and it was answered under frequently asked questions and that solved my question. I am very happy with your products and reading your newsletters and seeing the new things. My wish list grows.
--J.K. 1/23/2016 (Tulare, California)

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the wonderful service you provide. Nine times out of ten, it is quicker to get an order from you guys than it is to purchase from more 'local' sites here in Wales! Love the variety of goods on your site - as a lifelong stationery geek, I KNOW that you will ALWAYS have something in stock that I just cannot live without!
--J.H. 1/14/2016 (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

I just got my delivery from your company. I found you guys when I happened to be looking for a particular Sakura white gel-pen. What I wasn't expecting was to have an experience much like opening up presents on my birthday! I had so much fun exploring your site - and ordering WAYYYYY more than the pens....only to have it sent so quickly that I was truly surprised when it was delivered this morning! Let's just top it off and say that I was delighted with all of my new treasures! I am so excited to have found your company. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
--J.S. 1/8/2016 (Valley Glen, California)

You guys are the BEST!!!! I love the variety of products that you folks have and the quality of all the products. I've never had a single pen fail on me! I love them all so much that it's hard for me to choose which one to use sometimes. Thank you for providing excellent products and excellent service!! :D
--L.T. 10/8/2015 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know I love your site. Its helped me so much find everything I need in one place, especially getting ready for school. I no longer have to go site to site ordering one thing after another and can conveniently get all I need in one place. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
--M.N. 8/8/2015 (Fort Worth, Texas)

I just wanted to write a note to tell you folks how awesome you are. I've placed quite a few orders with you over the past few years and have been thrilled with the immediacy of your shipments. My things always arrive wrapped, intact, protected, and in perfect condition. That's impressive, considering how delicate 0.3mm leads are.
I also want to compliment you on the breadth of your product offerings. You provide the connoisseur with a superbly-crafted, easy-to-use Web presence. For a computer scientist, this is most pleasing. It's nice when things are just done right. No worming around pages; you provide direct and convenient ways to dive down directly to items of interest and relevance.
You're simply awesome. Professionalism, exceptional customer service, timely e-mails and're dialed in to your market and the needs of your consumers. Anyone ordering products from you would never see fit to seek elsewhere for top-quality stationery and office products. There's a reason why I bookmarked your site -- you rock!
--P.P. 7/31/2015 (San Carlos, CA)

I'm very happy to have stumbled upon your website. I don't want to date myself but I've been using Japanese paper and pens since the '70's when I discovered them at the Kinokuniya store in SF. Now you've made it easier for me to satisfy my addiction from the comfort of my couch!
--J.R. 7/29/2015 (Mill Valley, CA)

I am admitted fountain pen addict, and I purchase a lot of pens online. Over the past couple of years, I have bought most of my "daily use" pens from JetPens. Frankly, I have never had a comparably good online purchasing experience. JetPens is the best!!! The service is enthusiastic, appreciative, accommodating, accurate, and rapid. The staff clearly takes pride in what it does. I cannot recommend JetPens highly enough. You guys are simply terrific.
--M.M. 7/15/2015 (Sacramento, CA)

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site. I took a few looks and made my first purchase for a fountain pen, and I'm amazed by the fast shipping and the quality of your products! I've lived in Japan for thirteen years and I always loved to collect pens and pencils that were "fancier" and "better" than the average simple ballpoint or mechanical, but now that I reside in the United States it's not easy to find wonderful, pristine (Asian) writing utensils in any of the local stores. Your website, though, has saved me. Thank you very much.
--J.O. 5/15/2015 (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Thank you for your most excellent service. I come to Jet Pens first when looking for writing and art supplies. Now I know why I like you so much!!
--N.W. 4/23/2015 (Nashville, Tennessee)

I LOVE shopping @ Jet Pens. Love the merchandise you carry, love viewing your comparison videos, reading the blog and love how quickly you get my orders to me. Keep up the good work...I'll keep shopping with you!
--E.K. 4/21/2015 (Fairfax, Virginia)

I cannot express enough the joy your products give me. I am ecstatic I found your website (not sure if a person can be addicted to pens and pencils but it sure feels like a fix has been satiated every time I get one of your products in the mail and then I need more, hahaha!!!).
--J.D. 3/25/2015 (Walnut, California)

As an aspiring cartoonist, I'm always looking for new art supplies to try out. I've been ordering art supplies from Jet Pens for a while now and I cannot praise them enough. The shipping is lightning quick, the website is easy to navigate, and the products are great. Keep up the great work!
--E.M. 3/13/2015 (North Aurora, Illinois)

I've been binge-ordering lately, and all my orders have been great, as always. Thoughtfully packaged, shipped quickly, and always such a joy to unpack! ^_^ Many thanks to your team for what you do!
--L.M. 2/24/2015 (Canton, Connecticut)

I just received my order today and I am truly a happy customer. I just couldn't shut up about it. I guessed at what I would need for an unusual application and I was apparently DEAD ON. Exotic writing instruments are becoming extremely rare and hard to get as I just found out the hard way. Sometimes only a good, old fashioned, analog pen or PENCIL will do the job. No-one stocks much of anything anymore due to economic constraints. That's fine as long as one can afford to wait. When one can't afford to wait, one often can't afford the shipping costs of (in the case of exotic pens and pencils) OVERSEAS SHIPPING to get it NOW. It seems that very little of anything is made in the U.S. anymore on any meaningful scale except munitions and fast food. I had an unusual need for a unique writing device(s) that was once readily available but now is very hard to find. JetPens got me what I needed much more quickly (literally by weeks) than other suppliers (on whose order I am STILL waiting), for a very reasonable price and for the standard shipping rate. THAT was not expected but, all I could afford. It saved my bacon by arriving quickly. My guess is because JetPens kept at least SOME in stock!!!! THANK YOU for that!!! Even if you don't keep something in stock, because you specialize, I will come to you first from now on. I now know exactly where to go to get my writing instruments and you can be sure my colleagues will be aware of it as well. We may start actually writing more now....
--A.B. 2/5/2015 (Kokomo, Indiana)

Until I found your site, I did not realize that I would need about 10 fountain pens and a variety of ball points, scissors, mechanical pencils, and pen cases (I loved them so much that I purchased an extra one to hold make up. Perfect size!). I have always loved writing but your site and the top-notch selections justified my "addiction" to comfortable and stylish writing instruments. Your products are sleek and sophisticated. I have started to develop cramping from using pens with traditional narrow bodies but I found ergonomically designed ball points and fountain pens that fit my hands. Your service is basically instantaneous. I had to return 1 item in the last 5 years that I have been ordering from your site and your customer service is impeccable and responsive. I can't rave about your site enough!
--MLTL 1/31/2015 (New York, New York)

You have made my life so much easier! Until I found your website finding good pens, pencils and erasers was near impossible, and as to finding their refills? A nightmare. Recently a friend of mine visited japan and bought me the Pilot penmanship fountain pen, which I adore. However I soon learned ordinary refills from hobby lobby and Michael’s didn’t fit the pen, plus the ink wasn’t the same. In a panic that I would never be able to use this beautiful pen again, I began my search, and ta da! I found! Now it’s my main source for genuine and great quality art supplies! Thank you for your easy to navigate website, and wonderful variety of products. Never stop being awesome!
--C.B. 1/21/2015 (Lake Saint Louis, Missouri)

Your service and attention to detail is much appreciated. I love the emails/news letter where you display new products or show how a certain tool can be used, keeps me up to date and also serves as a learning experience. I'm happy to have had such prompt responses from Customer Service to questions, etc. Overall, my experience working with your company has been excellent!!!!
--J.H. 1/19/2015 (Willimantic, Connecticut)

I am impressed. I placed an order with you Monday, December 29 for three white pens, a very unimpressive order for you I am sure. But amazingly, I received the order today, just two days later. This speaks volumes for your idea of good customer service. Thank you for this superior service in addition to having white gel/ball point pens available individually as opposed to having to purchase a large supply.
--W.S. 12/31/2014 (Cicero, New York)

Will you marry me? I love you guys so much, thank you for existing.
--A.V. 11/28/2014 (Alhambra, California)

Your store is #4 on my favorites list on my computer. You all are the best. Wish I'd found you long ago!
--P.M. 11/20/2014 (Carrollton, Virginia)

I REALLY appreciate the stellar customer service, my request was right on the edge and your team caught it in time - I'm IMPRESSED. I'm going to recommend JetPens to all my friends and associates.
--E.R. 11/19/2014 (Hagerstown, Maryland)

From my first order and all the others, I have been more than pleased and love all the items I bought. If I did not use some self control, I would probably order one of every pen/ pencil you have! I am very picky about what I write and take notes with and love the very fine points on the ones I have from JetPens! Your service is great and fast on shipments. So very happy my grandson found you for me! Thanks for such choices also. I will keep ordering as I have need, great gift Ideas too!!
--M.W. 11/11/2014 (Smyrna, Georgia)

I received the order today and it’s looking great! Also I’m impressed that it only took 10 days! Thank you very much! Cheers!
--M.M. 11/11/2014 (Australia)

I--and the friends for who I purchased your pens--are delighted with them. So many colors to explore--so little time! Thanks for having such a great product!
--D.G. 11/11/2014 (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Once again my order arrived super fast! I love everyting in my package! Thank you for your excellent service and fantastic pens and stuff.
-- J.L. 11/4/2014 (Sweden)

Just want to say thank you for your continuing (my 3rd time ordering) excellent quality and fast service! I got my order very quickly, and we all know how important that is to pen lovers! I have to be careful because this site is addicting! :-)
-- J.P. 11/1/2014 (Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania)

FANTASTIC !!! You have now been moved to my "favorites" so I can visit more frequently. I ordered late in the am on Wednesday. Order shipped the same day (ta da) and arrived at my home in Ohio on Friday. ( I can't mail across town in that amount of time. Who do you know?). These are gifts for my daughter who doesn't even know she needs them but I'm certain that after the holidays, you'll be put on her "favorites" too. What a fun site.
-- S.R. 10/31/2014 (Miamisburg, Ohio)

I have placed two orders with you, and I couldn't be happier. Great customer service. Great drawing supplies.
-- M.B. 10/17/2014 (Montpelier, Vermont)

I wrote JetPens an email review a while back, but I had to come back and rave about this site and the service... again. The products offered here are so unique and useful, but difficult to find in regular stores. You bring the writing-tools magic from Japan and other countries and make it accessible to consumers in the USA. Also, I live in Hawaii, and I still qualify for free shipping (THANK YOU). I've recommended you to all my friends, and guess what? They love you too. I'm a repeat customer, and I intend to stay that way until I lose the ability to grip a pen. So please, please, keep doing what you're doing--it's fantastic. Thank you so much for existing on planet Earth.
-- N.L. 10/7/2014 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I received my shipment yesterday. Thank you for the absolutely zippy-quick service! Also, thanks for the great deals. I love your site, it’s so easy. I love your products – unique and fun!
-- L.M. 9/30/2014 (Kansas City, Missouri)

I just wanted to let you know how IMPRESSED I am with your website and spectacular service. First, your web site is one of the coolest sites I have ever visited. The use of color and your logo brings brightness, lightness and fun to your site, and makes for an enjoyable visit. Also, the blog is fantastic! Gives great info and leads you straight to the products covered by the blog topic. Also, the number of images and description that accompany each product go so much further than most websites to give the customer all the information they need to be comfortable with the product and confident that their purchase is, indeed, what they want. If all websites were like yours, there would be a lot more internet based commerce. Last, your service is exemplary. I am located in Pittsburgh, PA and is on the West Coast. My first order was placed on Thursday and I received it 2 days later on Saturday. This is over-delivery in more ways than one. I will be back to buy more (I am a pen and writing geek, happily) and just to keep up on the latest on pens and paper. Thank you very much for being such a great internet vendor! By the way, the drawing on your Contact Us page is great, and shows why your site is so fun and fantastic.
-- R.F. 9/9/2014 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

I have tried using other companies but I always come back to yours. I've decided not to shop around any more. Why look for a place that I know is not going to be as good? I am always recommending and telling people why I choose to use your products and nobody else's and the answer is always the same. Quality. Your continuous standards of excellence amazes me. You have great products at fantastic prices.
-- B.S. 9/9/2014 (Castle Douglas, Scotland)

I continue to be absolutely amazed at your wonderful level of professional skill, courteous service, timeliness, conscientiousness, and overall efficacy and excellence in very promptly delivering orders to your clients. My most recent order was turned around in a mere 3 days! This is tantamount to setting a "blistering" pace, where any of your competitors are concerned, to be sure. Moreover, your selection of items offered for sale is, in a word, nonpareil! I could not be more pleased in my dealings with you!
-- R.G. 9/5/2014 (Fairfax, Virginia)

I've been reading your testimonials and have always heard that your service was lightning fast. I hoped I'd have a similar experience with my order. And wow! Just wow! I ordered early Wednesday afternoon and got my order just now--early Friday NEW YORK CITY! I couldn't be happier. I don't use the word "awesome" a lot, but you guys are awesome! Thank you!
-- E.Y. 9/5/2014 (New York, New York)

I wanted to thank you for having the best Web site on the planet! My coworkers think I need an intervention from ordering pens from JetPens, but until they come up with a name catchier than intervention, I'm not going to! They didn't like pen-tervention either. Thankfully, three of my coworkers are also JetPens junkies, so at least there is someone there to get my back. I've always enjoyed pens and related accessories, but I restricted my purchases to your typical office supply store or a warehouse store. Back in March one of my friends told me about your Web site, and ever since then, I've been hooked. Not to the point where I'm ignoring my wife and son, but to the point where if I have a free 5 minutes, I'm usually on your site to see all that you have to offer. If I could do it all over again, I think I would have scrapped the idea of becoming a lawyer and I would have been a pen tester. I probably wouldn't make enough money testing pens to survive, so I would have worked at Trader Joe's in my spare time. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for an easy-to-use site, great product descriptions, and flawless shipping. Keep up the great work!
-- F.M. 8/26/2014 (Sacramento, California)

Received my order today.......brilliant service thank you. fantastic & unique products, much cheaper than here in the UK for quality items, lightning fast service and postage 'from the other side of the world !'
-- M.H. 8/26/2014 (Camberwell, London)

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!! Got my order today after a day and a half wait!!! SO COOL!!!! THANKS!!!! Will be ordering from you regularly!!!
-- G.B. 8/21/2014 (Saint Louis, Missouri)

I got my coral pink LAMY Safari fountain pen in record time and it's like writing with a stick butter- so smooth and clean. Love it. I appreciate JETPENS and Staff. Thanks for the service and products for every level of composer.
-- C.C. 8/14/2014 (Austin, Texas)

JetPens exceeded my expectations with my first order, and they've done it yet again with my second. Consider me a customer for life. Thanks!
-- P.D. 7/31/2014 (Knoxville, Tennessee)

I received my order today, thank you. I am completely satisfied with my order - the Rotring 800 and Pentel Kerry are awesome! I placed my order on Friday and it's already in my hands! I love that. Thanks again for the great service - I will be ordering again soon. :)
-- S.C. 7/28/2014 (Stockton, California)

I received my shipment Friday and wanted to thank you very much for the quick and efficient service. It was packed so securely and arrived in perfect condition. This was my first order from your company and I plan to place another order in the near future. Thank you again.
-- H.F. 7/21/2014 (Los Angeles, California)

Thank you so much! Your service is superb, and I'm glad to be your customer. You work really well. Thanks again and looking forward to visiting your website soon and enjoy the amazing products you have.
-- R.P. 7/14/2014 (Madrid, Spain)

Hi-I placed an order yesterday for a Graph Gear pencil and it arrived at my home TODAY! Your service is UNBELIEVABLE! I order almost everything online, and I wish others would be this fast. I don't know how you do it... I just can't get over it! Thank you-I am using the pencil and it is the best one ever-I just love it!
-- M.S. 6/29/2014 (Charleston, West Virginia)

Thank you for the incredibly quick shipping on my order that arrived Saturday... I had ordered on Wednesday, and did not expect such a fast delivery. I have purchased from Jet Pens before, and certainly will in the future. Your customer service is top notch!!
-- M.S. 6/29/2014 (Charleston, West Virginia)

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I was to have ordered on Friday morning and to have my product in hand on Monday morning (without paying expedited shipping). I look forward to ordering from you guys again.
-- G.S. 6/16/2014 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

I placed my first order with JP on a Thursday evening; my order qualified for free shipping. ETA was about a week, which satisfied me because a) it was free, and b) it's a long way from California to Tennessee. To my delight, the order arrived less than 72 hours later. It's so nice to find such great service. Thank you!
-- P.A. 5/20/2014 (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Just wanted you to know that I completed another order with your company. I swear, if I could drive around & eat cool pens, pencils and paper, I would probably live on your site product offerings alone! I love how your site looks & works, and the checkout process is EZPZ!! Thanks for another fun opportunity to browse & purchase more cool stuff!!
-- A.E. 4/24/2014 (Easley, South Carolina)

Thank you so much for being an exceptional and trustworthy site. Your products are awesome, and your customer service is outstanding! In addition, your shipping time rocks :D It’s great that my orders arrive so fast. For me, everything about this site is simply, the best!
-- Y.T. 4/21/2014 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Just a quick 'THANK YOU' for your great customer service. My order arrived quickly, in beautiful condition. I will be ordering from you again in the near future. Love the products, too!
-- W.W. 4/2/2014 (Melbourne, Australia)

I commend you on the outstanding customer service you've demonstrated! I look forward to making many future purchases from JetPens, the service has been extraordinary!
-- A.M. 3/27/2014 (Cheyenne, Wyoming)

Just wanted to let you guys know I love your company, every order has been delivered quick and correct. Keep up the great work.
-- M.K. 3/24/2014 (West Chazy, New York)

You have surpassed my already high expectations for your company. Thank you so much for your generosity and for sharing your good will. I can't wait to receive my package and to "play" with my new writing loves. I pass the word to all I know!!!
-- M.M. 3/20/2014 (Ashtabula, Ohio)

I just wanted to write your company and send my regards for the quality and speed of your shipping. My items arrived within 72 hours of ordering my items and I am genuinely impressed and happy with your company. Everyone involved in packaging and processing my order must be masters at their craft to achieve it in such speeds. I hope that my positive comments reach those responsible, as receiving my package (A day earlier than even estimated and after a 3 day weekend!) has totally made my day, and I hope their hard work is noted as it will help me teach my students and make the world a better place :)
-- J.M. 2/26/2014 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I just wanted to let you folks know that I have nothing but GREAT experiences with your company. As someone who is completely obsessed with pens, this site is great!! It's easy to navigate and I've only receive high quality products that ALWAYS WORK right out of the package. I've never had a pen that has skipped or sputtered out on me until after I ran out of ink. Your selection is awesome and I hope you folks continue to do well. Thank you very much!
-- L.T. 2/14/2014 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Thank you!!!! I wanted to say a huge thank you making purchasing from you as easy as possible Ordering from Australia can be very difficult at times as shipping can be very expensive, can take a long (2-3 months) time, and may not even get there at all. But this was definitely not the case with you. The order arrived at the lowest possible time (only 2 weeks!) and was quite cheap compared to other online shopping sites. Not only was actually getting the order a breeze, but your customer service was also excellent. You managed to recommend a better product without coercing me to buy something that was more expensive than any of the other products I was looking at. So thank you so much for making this as easy as it could be, and I look forward to heading straight to you with all of my future stationery needs
-- D.H. 1/30/2014 (Mount Barker, Australia)

Although I have yet to receive the purchase I just made, I would like to say thank you! Your store is so awesome! I'm from San Diego and we are a big city but for some reason I haven't found a store that has fulfilled all my stationary needs. I hate having to drive all over town just to find what I need and when my sister recommended your website I was so happy! I can't wait to receive my order.
-- C.V. 1/28/2014 (San Diego, California)

Thanks for carrying these products and for your supper responsive Customer Service group. I have had a not just a few questions and you have been most responsive and detailed in your responses. I have greatly appreciated the products you carry many that I have never seen anywhere else, some of the small refillable erasers, the refillable highlighters and of course your selection of Lamy fountain pens and nibs. Thanks again. Keep up the great service and product selection!
-- R.B. 1/7/2014 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Just wanted to say how great you guys are! I was looking for some telescopic zebra pens and found your website... I placed my order and like always, patiently waited. All of a sudden I find them in the mail today (12/27). I immediately looked at the address and of course, you guys are in San Jose. So living down here in the Monterey Bay (Marina) finally pays off when it comes to online transactions. Outstanding!
-- J.Q. 12/27/2013 (Marina, California)

Just wanted to say thank you for the fastest shipping on the market. I can't find any other pen company that will ship just one or two pens at a time and that makes a big difference to customers like me when your looking for that right pen. Most of the pens I've been ordering are test pens to see which one writes the best. Im very particular in my writing instruments and it does make a difference when you have the right pen for someone that writes as much as I do! Anyway thanks again for the great pens and fast shipping. Happy New Year!
-- D.G. 12/30/2013 (Huntsville, Texas)

You guys are completely the best - you're friendly, knowledgeable, quick, you offer amazing products and your website is fantastic. As a result, JetPens is one of the few businesses I'm more than happy to give my money to.
-- B.P. 11/26/2013 (Silver Spring, Maryland)

Fast, affordable and top-notch quality. I love! The Comic/Manga supplies exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. I will be back for more. Stay awesome!
-- L.S. 11/20/2013 (San Diego, California)

Thanks Jet Pens: The additional Lamy pen nibs and ink supply arrived yesterday in excellent shape and in testimony to your most efficient service. It isn't often that an order can be filled and shipped with the quickness that you demonstrated. It is very much appreciated... You've earned that kind of follow-up respect. Nicely done Jet Pens, nicely done indeed.
-- F.B. 11/19/2013 (Wilmette, Illinois)

Thank you! I was a recent first time customer. Bought a couple of ink cartridges. The transaction went beautifully. The ink arrived shortly, very well packaged. I also notice now that my Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen is less expensive on your site than I paid on Amazon. I'll be back.
-- C.T. 11/15/2013 (Santa Ana, California)

You. Guys. Are. Awesome. I couldn't find Japanese g-pen holders anywhere in person or online without them costing me my first unborn child. Seriously, the thing's were either nonexistent or more than I would've wanted to pay, not to mention tax and shipping. Enter JetPens. Not only did you guys have 'em, you had a variety of sizes and comfort AND at awesome prizes. Plus the free shipping on orders over $25? Wow. Now that's cool and all, your prices are awesome, whatever, but why I'm writing in is because I placed an order on a Thursday night. Well it's Tuesday afternoon and my order is here. You know, my standard speed snail-mail order that's on the totally opposite coast of the country made it here in a weekend. Anywhere else my Thursday night order would have processed as a Friday order which means it wouldn't have shipped til Monday. Give it 3-5 workdays and I might not have my stuff til the following week. You really impressed me. You just got a customer for life. Thanks, JetPens!
-- D.K. 11/12/2013 (Rochester, New York)

Just another love letter... I have never been so pleased with an online purchase. From a great selection, well written blog posts (from which I selected some recommended products) to ridiculous shipping time. I am completely won over and am a very happy convert.
-- F.R. 10/31/2013 (Seguin, Texas)

I just placed an order with you yesterday. I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with your company. I am a calligrapher and a pen freak. Your selection is wonderful, your site is easy to navigate and when I place an order it is processed with lightening speed. Of course, the down side is that I am sometimes ordering things I just want but do not need. But that is my issue. All kidding aside, I am so happy I found you.
-- R.P. 10/31/2013 (Cornwall on Hudson, New York)

I would like to say, from Australia, how fantastic your site is! Jetpens is far by my favourite site to buy all my artist pens, for the price and quality of service as well as fast delivery. I have enjoyed seeing my artist pens grow into a big collection and a real investment into my arts career. Thank you for a wonderful business, I am looking forward to buying more and re-stocking the pens I regularly use :)
-- C.D. 10/28/2013 (Adelaide, Australia)

I don't normally write this type of a letter unless I have something to complain about so that the recipient won't be forced to waste her time reading a thank you letter. This time it's an exception. I really appreciate your accommodating attitude which I believe is true across the board at Thanks again and let me tell you that is always my number one provenance of all writing/drawing needs.
-- K.W. 10/11/2013 (Abbotsford, Canada)

It's always fun to shop at Jetpens. What a great selection of fun and useful items! The service is superior and the products are always the best. Thanks for having a wonderful site and making shopping a joy.
-- J.F. 10/9/2013 (Fort Worth, Texas)

I just want to tell you how much your service is appreciated! And how astounding I find your shipping! This is my 3rd order with Jet Pens, I absolutely love the Japanese pens and you have the best inventory of any place I have found. But, what is even more awesome is the fast delivery. The first time I ordered and received my order so quickly I thought it must be a fluke, then the same thing happened with the 2nd order and again with this my 3rd order. The order was placed on the 4th of October and it arrived in today's mail. Thank you so much for your prompt attention! I believe Jet Pens should be training other online stores with how to keep a customer happy. The worst thing in ordering online is the wait and with Jet Pens there is no wait, it is shipped and received unbelievably quickly. Thank you again and I am now preparing my next order!
-- K.B. 10/7/2013 (Amelia, Ohio)

Yo JetPen Dudes, I just wanted to say that you guys are totally rad. I know you might get this often but I really mean it, I've been satisfied with my orders since the beginning and your service is just awesome! Keep up the good work, and expect more orders from me soon :)
-- R.H. 10/2/2013 (Fort Washington, Maryland)

Great pen, great service. I was unsure about buying over [the World Wide Web], but will definitely get my pens here in the future.
-- P.K. 9/27/2013 (New York, New York)

JetPens, I LOVE YOU!!! I ordered my pens (ahhhhhh pens!!!) on Saturday night and I just received them today, Tuesday evening. How is this possible?! I am beyond excited. I just wanted to thank you all :))
-- A.Y. 9/17/2013 (San Francisco, California)

I love your company. I will most definitely be recommending to my friends in the city.
-- M.O. 9/17/2013 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I adore!!! Shopping with your company is a true pleasure. All of my orders arrive faster than I anticipated. Every online company should study yours as a model of true perfection. Keep up the excellent service!
-- E.W. 9/11/2013 (Denham Springs, Louisiana)

JetPens products, prices and customer service are all outstanding! They carry some high end products so not everything is cheap, but overall prices are better than competitors prices. Also, JetPens offers some inexpensive items at lower cost for those who just want to try something out before springing for the high end model. My order was a little complicated, but the CUSTOMER SERVICE REP ELIZABETH WAS EXCELLENT! I was preparing for a trip and she helped me get just what I needed in time.
-- S.C. 8/24/2013 (Tallahassee, Florida)

I just need to tell you again that you guys are awesome! Your customer service goes above and beyond, and sadly that is a rare thing these days. You've got a customer for life!
-- J.P. 8/21/2013 (Concord, North Carolina)

Hi Elizabeth, That's great - again, I really appreciate your help and the great service; this makes me very happy to come back to Jetpens for all my stationary needs.
-- L.D. 8/19/2013 (Irvine, California)

How amazing is you customer service?! I asked if you could carry these and here you have... You have become my favorite Architecture and Art supply business! Not only do you carry many things I use, but your customer service is excellent. Thanks so much,
-- M.G.H. 8/15/2013 (California)

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. I just received my first of what I know will be many orders from you. Every item I was looking to purchase was in stock and my order arrived *very* quickly and in fantastic condition. You have made two "pen nerds" very happy!
-- C.H. 8/12/2013 (Rockford, Illinois)

Just wanted to tell you thanks SO much for the speediest service ever -- I ordered on Thursday and received on Saturday. So happy I found your website -- where have you been all my life??? I was at my wit's end thinking I would never be able to use my beloved Pilot Color Eno pencils again because I could not find the refills anywhere. Now I'm drooling over some of the fountain pens and the inks (hey, you have almost as many J. Herbin inks as I do!), and I will be ordering again soon, for sure -- I can see this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship... Great blog (very helpful), great products, great service -- can't ask for more from you guys! A great big thank you from one happy customer!
-- H.I. 8/5/2013 (Salinas, California)

Again I wish to thank you for the speed in which my order was sent out and delivered- I am singing your praises to everyone who will listen and have posted pictures on online art sites I am part of. Since I am a photographer I will be continuing to post photos of how I use your Word Cards and what pens I order from you. I will be attending/photographing many retreats and will always carry your supplies to show and share. Thanks for being Great!
-- L.C. 7/20/2013 (Concord, California)

Thank you! Really appreciate your efforts in this regard and sharing the results of your investigations. You've been a great help, and I am sure to continue to do business with Jetpens in the future, in no small measure due to your very pleasant, customer-driven attitude and thorough work and follow-up. :-)
-- S.P. 7/19/2013 (Ewa Beach, Hawaii)

I love shopping for pens on JetPens. I can find items on your website that are not available anywhere else. Each time I place an order, I receive it in a timely fashion all the way across the country from your location. I have also had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth in customer service, who was extremely helpful and very professional. Another great experience with JetPens!!!
-- J.L.R. 7/16/2013 (Methuen, Massachusetts)

I want to Thank you, so very much, for your expedient service. I placed an ordered on July 7th and the order arrived today. The first time I ordered, it did take sometime to arrive,(I guess because I live in Canada) and I had anticipated having to wait the same amount of time for this order. To my surprise, the order took less than 7 days. I am very happy and satisfied with the service I received; I am already making plans for another order! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ROCK!!
-- J.C. 7/12/2013 (British Columbia, Canada)

I want to tell you how much I love your company, products and EXCELLENT customer service. There are several of us in my office that order from you. Please keep up the great work!
-- S.S. 7/9/2013 (Bellingham, Washington)

Wonderful! Thank you so very much for your time and patience. JetPens and their customer service has been exemplary in every instance so far and this is certainly another great example.
-- A.C. 6/27/2013 (Urbana, Illinois)

Thank you so much. Nice to know your company takes the time remedy my situation. You have earned my loyalty.
-- T.C. 6/25/2013 (Winnipeg, Canada)

Elizabeth, ... Again, thank you very much! You, and JetPens, and all the folks that work there are truly a first class, and first rate act!!!
-- J.T. 6/24/2013 (Cranston, Rhode Island)

Just a quick note to thank you very much for your excellent service. I have yesterday received my pens and are very happy with these items. Again, thank you so much! I will definitely order from your website again.
-- L.S. 6/20/2013 (Orewa, New Zealand)

Today my first purchase from arrived in Australia! at the same time as something I had bought a week earlier in Australia and not that much larger in packet size! To say I was amazed is an understatement was expecting it to be at least a couple of weeks before my purchase came through. Loved the site when I came across it by accident randomly searching images online and love absoloutely my new pencil case and thank you to the team for the efficiency and professionalism made this purchase experience one of the best I have had to date and well already had the site saved to my favourites now I am looking forward to buying a whole lot more and telling so many more people about what I have discovered. Keep up the great work not just with delivery but with range - AWESOME! & THANK YOU!
-- R.C. 6/18/2013 (Melbourne, Australia)

I've just been looking behind the scenes of JetPens on your site, picking up some of the history, reading from your clippings file (didn't realize how famous you were; great PR and product-placement people you have there), and browsing your testimonials page. Of course I agree with all the comments about the great selection and customer service (and the kudos for Elizabeth), but I just want to comment that the quality of writing at JP is pretty impressive, on every level, and it must be one part (even if it's subliminal) of why people who value pens trust you so much.
-- M.M. 6/10/2013 (Keene, New Hampshire)

Thanks Elizabeth! I'm impressed with JetPens and will definitely be ordering from you in the future! Your service is fast and customer service-oriented. You're a great representative and JetPens is fortunate to have you!
-- M.Y. 6/7/2013 (Pinopolis, South Carolina)

JetPens customer service was fantastic, had a broken pen, and upon even inquiring about possible exchanges or returns, they sent me a new one. Customer service done right. Thank you Elizabeth and thank you Jetpens! You have yet another return customer.
-- A.P. 5/23/2013 (Santa Maria, California)

I just knew you would have great customer service. We will continue to spread the word about JetPens! Long live the handwritten word!!
-- K.L. 5/17/2013 (Goldendale, Washington)

You certainly deserve the praise others have posted. It's refreshing to see a business that understands customer satisfaction. You have gained another loyal customer and I shall pass the word.
-- T.L. 5/16/2013 (Williamsport, Pennsylvania)

I discovered your website by linking from [Amazon] a few months ago and I was really delighted by your layout and indexing. I love being able to filter by JUST orange ink. It's my favorite color. I've spent about $240 with you since then and every time I've dealt with you I've been just delighted with your service. You ship for free and the quality of the shipping is amazing. The loot arrives really quickly AND it's carefully packaged. It's not just that things never arrive damaged. Things have clearly been carefully packed away. It's a pleasure to unwrap and it lets me know that you enjoy pens and stationery on a visceral physical level just like I do. It makes me really happy spending money with you and I hope you keep up the great work. Anyway, I'm sure lots of people contact to let you know when something's wrong. I just wanted to let you know I think you're GREAT!
-- L.H.W. 5/8/2013 (Tempe, Arizona)

Just wanted to say thanks for my order, first time customer! A friend recommended me to your site and your excellent blog on Graphic Pens helped me choose the ideal tools for my journalling!! Very satisfied customer and looking forward to buying more stuff from JetPens to suit my writing/Journaling/drawing needs in future!!!! Thanks again!!
-- B.P. 5/8/2013 (Wilmington, Delaware)

I would like to say thank you. I have just received my order and am very pleased. The product was well packaged and processed in a very timely manner. I would like to give a quick appreciation for the ability to be "in stock" notified on OOS items.
-- J.N. 5/6/2013 (Omaha, Nebraska)

This was one of the most positive experiences I've had with any customer services. You will have my continuous and loyal support.
-- M.L. 4/25/2013 (Houston, Texas)

I'm pretty sure Jetpens caused a time paradox, since I received a mystery package just before clicking "order" on their website to find that the package that had just arrived contained the items I had just ordered - blindingly, amazingly, unbelievably,ridiculously, absolutely fast shipping.
-- A Very Satisfied Alex Neumann. 4/22/2013 (Lithia Springs, Georgia)

Jet Pens has the best range of pens anywhere as well as great service.
-- R.S. 4/16/2013 (Houston, Texas)

Customer service was great, and I'll definitely be shopping here in the future.
-- G.V. 4/15/2013 (Brooklyn, New York)

I've always had the best products and service from JetPens and that's why I only get my pens from your company. I tell everyone I know about JetPens....always. ... I only have great things to say about JetPens! I've been ordering from JetPens for many years now and know that when I order from your company I will receive the best quality product on the market. I'm constantly spreading the word about the JetPens website to friends, waiters, teachers, and students at the college I attend. I love fountain pens and will order from JetPens until I'm 80!!!
-- D.D. 4/11/2013 (Chula Vista, California)

I received my order only three days after I submitted it on Monday night. Thanks for your great service and fine selection of pens and notebooks. I'll definitely be reordering in the the future.
-- K.W. 4/5/2013 (Madison, Wisconsin)

Fabulous service (once again). Ordered on Thursday and picked up on Monday and the order was (as usual) all perfect and correct. Love the service and will keep coming back for more.
-- R.G. 4/1/2013 (Ephrata, Washington)

Every aspect of my transactions--from selection to quality to prompt, professional service--has been exemplary. Thank you for this rare experience in an otherwise just-give-me-your-money culture...!
-- J.T. 3/25/2013 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Just wanted to say a quick thank you; I've just received my order and I'm very happy with everything that I've bought. I LOVE JetPens, you're easily my favorite store.
-- N.A. 3/23/2013 (Sarasota, Florida)

As an old-school songwriter I really love to put pen to paper. I buy all my writing tools from JetPens. You could say you guys rock, literally.
-- H.P. 3/21/2013 (New Hyde Park, New York)

I have been so happy with the quality of service I've received from JetPens.
-- K.S. 3/15/2013 (Fairbanks, Alaska)

I have received the replacement sharpener and it’s great. Thanks and I will happily tell anybody who cares (and some who don’t) that the service I received was fantastic and above what should be expected. Thanks!
-- M.K. 3/13/2013 (Springfield Lakes, Australia)

Thank you for the quick response and the fantastic customer service. It says a lot about your company and how you stand behind your service. I think your products and service are fantastic, and will continue to be a loyal customer.
-- P.C. 3/12/2013 (Scottsdale, Arizona)

I am really really happy with what I received and I just want to thank you for all the trouble you had gone through for putting your customer service in priority and re-shipping one back to my house! ... I'm glad I was able to get it and you have made me a happy customer and I sure look forward to buying from you in the future for any other items!
-- W.A. 3/11/2013 (Panorama City, California)

Thank you soo much for your kind help, JetPens customer service was amazing that's why I only buy from you guys.
-- E.B. 3/7/2013 (Centereach, New York)

Amazing! Just opened up my Order. This is truly service. I appreciate what y’all did to get my order filled and mailed out, even after a change due to an out of stock item. We will plan on using you in the near future.
-- J.M. 3/6/2013 (Fort Worth, Texas)

Thank you so much for your really FAST service and great attention to my orders! So nice to buy from you!
-- A.D. 2/22/2013 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I am so pleased with your customer service. I don't know Elizabeth, but she has been extremely helpful. I never buy pens from anyone BUT JetPens, as your company is extremely reliable- and I LOVE how fast the pens are shipped to me once I've placed an order. As a forensic graphologist, your amazing selection of rare pens is invaluable. I tell everyone I know about how wonderful JetPens's products and service are. Keep up the good work!!
-- D.R. 2/21/2013 (Coronado, California)

Your customer service is great and I'm always astounded and deeply grateful at how lightning fast the orders ship. Great company. Thank you so much!
-- C.K. 2/15/2013 (Royersford, Pennsylvania)

I am very glad to know your web site... I discovered in only one site, JetPens, a new world of quality pens, ballpoints, and mechanical pencils from Japan. Your website is beautiful and I have learned so much about Japanese pens.
-- G.J. 2/9/2013 (Miami, Florida)

I received my order and again was very pleased with your products and your service... In this day and age, good service is something to be appreciated and I've been really pleased on your service and your products each and every time I've ordered from JetPens.
-- B.V. 1/29/2013 (Ijamsville, Maryland)

I ordered some new ink for my Pelikan fountain pen on Tuesday night and I was filling my pen with it on Friday afternoon. I live on the East Coast and got the free shipping too. I really appreciate your speedy service.
-- Joe 1/25/2013 (Hockessin, Delaware)

I just received the Kaweco I ordered on Sunday. Thanks for the fast service. She writes like a dream. My first fountain pen, and definitely not my last. Thanks again for the prompt service and a great product.
-- K.I. 1/16/2013 (San Diego, California)

I just received my first ever shipment from JetPens. I grew up learning how to write with fountain pens thanks to my grandfather who believed the only decent way to write was with fountain pens. Somehow as i grew up along the way, a large number of factors pulled me away from my ink and blotting paper ways. However, the memories of those beautiful nibs keep pulling onto me, and I've now decided to get back up on the proverbial ink-well. I was very pleased with your fantastic service. I was debating ordering between you and amazon only because i have amazon prime and your 5-7 days delivery target sounded rather vague. My order reached me across the country in 2 days flat. I still took the chance and be assured that i will be using you as my preferred pen and ink source. Thank you for being a fantastic pen source.
-- R.G. 1/10/2013 (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania)

I cannot thank you enough for your courtesy and professionalism; I will make sure to recommend JetPens to anyone looking for great stationery and amazing service.
-- A.R. 1/10/2013 (San Pedro, California)

I just wanted to comment on how I love you guys! I am a nurse and I have always been a huge pen fan. One of my friends turned me on to your site as you have such a variety and your website is easy to use. She is also a nurse. We have converted a large group of our friends (mostly coworkers) to your site. It's a fairly frequent question to ask if any one is placing a JetPens order or if anyone needs anything from JetPens! ... The order turn over time is so quick! I love that in about 2 days I get my order! So thank you! I so enjoy browsing for new items to play with! I'm actually waiting for my most recent order to arrive sometime today! :)
-- H.E. 1/5/2013 (San Jose, California)

Received my latest order today and just wanted to give you guys a thumbs up. As with past orders I had this one on my desk, 1500 miles away, 2 days after placing it. And with free shipping! Awesome. You guys are great! Keep it up. I look forward to future orders.
-- S.M. 1/4/2013 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Your customer service is equally as awesome as your range of stationery :)
-- S.L. 12/10/2012 (Melbourne, Australia)

You rock! You guys are really wonderful! Thank you so much for taking care of this tragedy even though it wasn't YOUR fault at all! I hope that you are able to reclaim your loss from the post office and that they treat you as wonderfully as you have treated me. I realize that "ship happens" and things don't always go according to plan. And when things went south with this order, I wasn't inconvenienced or even worried--just unsure of what to do next. But because you and your company are just so darn wonderful... ...well, I didn't even have time to worry since you quickly and easily resolved the issue. Thank you for taking care of this and for being so wonderful! By the way, have I mentioned that I think that you and JetPens are kind of wonderful? well then, let me tell you...
-- B.J. 11/28/2012 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Many thanks for your fast response, especially during this busy shopping time! Also, thank you for being there. I'm addicted to writing instruments and I can always depend on JetPens for my "fix" without spending too much.
-- K.B. 11/23/2012 (West Richland, Washington)

I love all the products I've bought from you guys, and this customer service is just the icing on the cake.
-- D.F. 11/21/2012 (Wayne, New Jersey)

Your customer service is wonderful. Your good job keeps me as your returning, and happy, customer.
-- M.M. 11/21/2012 (Haifa, Israel)

As usual, your customer service is outstanding. I have now returned to the Happy Camper camp and look forward to doing business with JetPens for the long term.
-- B.D. 11/17/2012 (Bbroad Run, Virginia)

Thank you very very much! One of the best service I had in a long time. Definitely will order with you over and over.
-- Z.A. 11/1/2012 (Port Huron, Michigan)

The selection and the customer service will always bring me back to Jet Pens. I've been recommending it to friends.
-- A.O. 10/30/2012 (Hampton, Virginia)

Thanks so much for the excellent customer care. I am a faithful new client--you guys are exceptional.
-- M.M. 10/30/2012 (Roanoke, Virginia)

I received my order today and my Grandson is delighted with the pencils thank you so much for the prompt dispatch and the great service, I will certainly be using your site again in the future.
-- J.S. 10/30/2012 (Taradale, New Zealand)

OMG! I LOVE your pens and pencils!!! My latest ordered arrived safe and sound today!!
-- R.W. 10/30/2012 (Heppner, Oregon)

I discovered your site when I was reading the book Humble Masterpieces by Paola Antonelli and I came across the Kadokeshi Plastic Eraser. Of course, I wanted one, so when I Googled it, up came your site. Once on your site I felt my excitement grow. It seemed that I had discovered a place where people really really cared about writing tools, notebooks and good design. So I ordered for myself, my son's stocking and my 3 women friends for our small gift exchange at Christmas. I was excited. After placing the order I received a confirmation note from you saying, "Woohoo!", which was exactly how I felt. The order arrived yesterday and I love everything! The notebooks are better than I imagined. The little silver pen for my purse is elegant. And the erasers...Oh yah! Thank you for being a quality site and for your good service.
-- M.B. 10/26/2012 (Hillsboro, Oregon)

I want you to know, that I am so pleased with your products! I was buying the beautiful fine pointed pens when I flew to Japan 3 times per month as an international flight attendant for Pan America World Airways. Now, I have you, to supply me with my fanatic love of gorgeous, precise pens. Don't you dare go out of business! ... Everything I have ever purchased from you I love, love, love. Committed to you as a very happy customer!
-- L.L. 10/21/2012 (Henderson, Nevada)

I just received my pens and I am thrilled with the quality! ... Thank you for your great pens and also on your fast delivery!
-- D.P. 10/15/2012 (Bozeman, Montana)

Thank you for your help and the excellent support. I appreciate it and will continue to recommend your store to friends and colleagues.
-- J.K. 10/12/2012 (Evergreen, Colorado)

Thank you for the extremely fast service. My grandson is delighted. (I am, too.)
-- D.R. 10/10/2012 (Sunnyvale, California)

Just wanted to say thanks for great products and services.
-- E.W. 10/9/2012 (Urbana, Illinois)

Who loves JetPens? I DO, I DO!! I love pens, paper, and all desk accessories. I feel like they keep my working environment fun, so am always looking for products that are fresh, pretty and a little different. JetPens fulfills on all three and has INCREDIBLE customer service to boot. I placed my second order a few weeks ago, but had just moved into a new office building, so wasn't too familiar with the correct postal address. Sadly, my order was marked undeliverable, and returned to JetPens. Meep. So sad. Once I saw the update on USPS, I contacted JetPens and explained my situation -- they said they'd be on the lookout and would send it back my way after it was processed. (I supplied the right address, this time.) I applaud JetPens for their quick response time, friendly demeanor, and willingness to help the customer (even though the error was 110% the customer's fault). Additionally, the package had been damaged and a few items lost -- they let me know what was missing, that the product was now out of stock, and what my options were for a replacement. Thanks, JetPens! You have a customer for life!
-- H.T. 10/5/2012 (New York City, New York)

Thank you so much. Your service has far exceeded my expectations, and I will certainly be recommending JetPens to others.
-- K.G. 9/25/2012 (Auburn, Alabama)

Thanks for the ridiculously fast shipping and great prices. I'll be ordering pens from you guys regularly.
-- H.W. 9/14/2012 (Savannah, Georgia)

In all my years of ordering on the web from many sources, your service is the finest I have ever encountered. My second order I entered late this past Monday. I was awed again as it was here from California to North Carolina today which is Wednesday. The products are wonderful and as described. You have products nobody else offers. You really have a first class operation.
-- M.W. 9/12/2012 (Smithfield, North Carolina)

Just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know, I received my pens, and LOVED them (being a huge pen aficionado)!! It's very difficult to find a needle-point ballpoint pen in the US, and your site had SO many options to choose from, (even all the different tip sizes!), I had to order twice! ... I am thrilled to have found your site, and look forward to exploring more new pen styles! Thanks!
-- S.M. 9/10/2012 (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

I received my parcel today and I can happily say I have found my new pen addiction! The Uni Style Fit 0.28mm pens are AWESOME! I love a fine tipped pen but these are beyond fabulous. I will definitely be buying more when my current supply of refills run out. Thank you for such an easy ordering process too.
-- I.W. 9/3/2012 (Woden, Australia)

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible customer service!!
-- A.Y. 9/1/2012 (River Falls, Wisconsin)

Amazing service! Ordered on Sunday, shipped by Monday, arrived on Thursday. Definitely coming back for more :D
-- N.L. 8/30/2012 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Quick note: Placed my first order this weekend, & was pleasantly surprised to receive the order today. I now know to return to you for my pen and paper needs. Outstanding service, with high quality and fairly unique offerings. Loving it! Kudos and many thanks to your team! (P.S. Never thought any company could pull me away from Amazon! Yes, you're THAT good! :-). )
-- P.B. 8/8/2012 (Apex, North Carolina)

I rarely have problems with my orders but when I do your customer service is always awesome.
-- G.O. 8/7/2012 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

JetPens - You are so incredibly good as a company! I have ordered a number of products from you and they have ALWAYS arrived with such expedience! For example: Ordered a set of Hi-Tec-C pens and Metaphys index tabs on Friday morning, the product was sent out Friday afternoon and is scheduled to arrive on Monday afternoon! Talk about amazing shipping, not to mention FREE shipping! This is not the first time this incredible service has been provided and I cannot even begin to thank, praise and extend my appreciation to your company, but I could no longer remain silent about how wonderful JetPens is as a company! I will never stop buying from and I will continue to recommend both your products and services! Never have I had free shipping from any company outperform paid shipping from others so consistently. Thank you, as always, for everything your provide! You have me as a lifelong customer!
-- A.A. 8/6/2012 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Just wanted to thank you for the service and quick delivery of my SharboX and assorted pen colours. It only took 8 days to get here really happy that a replacement for my favorite pen is back! The one I bought in Tokyo was stolen and I looked for a while to find one ...very happy I found you guys.
-- T.W. 8/1/2012 (Brisbane, Australia)

I like JetPens's products and the whole look and feel of your Web site and e-newsletters. I see high-quality imagery, consistent and thoughtful product descriptions, and a sweet humor and cleverness that are lacking elsewhere, at so many Web sites. So, 'don't go changin'.'
-- L.J. 7/24/2012 (Urbana, Illinois)

You guys really know how to do customer service the way it should be done. I am a customer for life, not just because of the products, but just as much because of the way you make your customers feel appreciated. Kudos and many thanks!
-- A.H. 7/20/2012 (Dayton, Ohio)

Thank You for such great service! I ordered the Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen and I haven't put it down. It writes really smooth. What fun it is to write with a fountain pen.
-- R.U. 7/19/2012 (San Jose, California)

Thank you for your great site and great products. My order arrived quickly and was neatly packed. Your passion for fine writing instruments is evident in even the smallest details. I look forward to doing more business with you in the very near future.
-- E.L. 7/11/2012 (Concord, California)

Thank you wonderful JetPens! I received my Palomino Blackwing pencils today and I love them. Awesome service - such quick delivery to Australia. Thank you so much!! Will absolutely be using you again.
-- N.K. 7/10/2012 (Melbourne, Australia)

I have enjoyed shopping on the site and I appreciate that you stock a variety of quality items, i.e. Fountain Pens, FP Inks, etc. Thank you!
-- R.T. 6/30/2012 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I was hoping to get the order I placed the other night, before the 4th of July— if I was lucky. However, it arrived today! You guys are insane, that's crazy fast shipping! This is why I love sending my business your way. I've taken to keeping all the extra business cards I get with my orders and putting them on my table when I'm appearing at comic cons. I just hope it turns into sales for you guys. Again, you rock. At least that's what I hear the kids say… or do they still say wicked? Tight? You guys is tight? Who knows- I'm old. I'll stick with "Well played, sir". Thanks either way, and keep up the great service!
-- S.G. 6/29/2012 (Washington, District of Columbia)

Thank you for the great service that you provided - excellent correspondance and packaging. Pencil case arrived very quickly to Australia. WOW!! I will be returning soon. Thanks again, for a great shopping experience!
-- S.A. 6/27/2012 (Dandenong, Australia)

I must say that I love, love, love your site! I am so spoiled by your products, that you have turned me into a pen/pencil snob! But don't worry, I wouldn't have it any other way!
-- B.S. 6/24/2012 (West Bloomfield, Michigan)

Jetpens is the best, and I tell all my office supply geek friends and students about you guys.
-- J.H. 6/19/2012 (Sewanee, Tennessee)

Just wanted to let you know my pens have arrived! Fast service, great people there at JetPens! Thank you!!
-- D.W 5/25/2012 (Murrayville, Georgia)

You guys are the best. Really great, prompt service and delivery.
-- J.C. 5/17/2012 (Portland, Oregon)

I want to say, THANK YOU for an exceptional experience in purchasing the pencil from you! Every part of working with you was remarkable, from the webpage to your acknowledgements and to top it off only three days later my order arrived and was exactly what I was hoping for. After having had a bad experience with another company working with you is a breath of fresh air. I will be not only using you again but will recommend you to others.
-- G.F. 5/16/2012 (Naperville, Illinois)

I just made my second purchase and I am thrilled by several things! I normally don't write for no reason but I was so pleased I had to share.
1. Your website experience is above and beyond any other I have used for online purchases...
Log in is easy, cart is remembered, checkout after the first time remembers everything I want it to and lets me choose options; beautiful.
Your products are well categorized and easy to find what I'm looking for; the product lines feature and the groups by theme are helpful.
2. Free shipping; it's easy to attain and a nice feature, thanks.
3. Quality; I am very selective about what products I buy and use, I haven't yet been disappointed.
I have even received compliments on my pens from others who have used them and am thrilled with the service you provide. Thanks again, keep the good stuff coming!
-- A.H. 5/6/2012 (Grand Portage, Minnesota)

Thanks so much for your excellent customer service. You guys carry great stuff and it's always a pleasure to buy my pens and notebooks from you. Thanks and keep up the good work!
-- M.K. 5/3/2012 (New Haven, Connecticut)

Just wanted you folks to know I just received my 1st order from JetPens. Very safely packed and got here extremely quickly (only 2 days for both orders). Thank you very much, and I am a JetPens customer for the long haul.
-- C.W. 4/27/2012 (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

I received my order last night. Very impressive! I am very happy, and I shall use your services again.
-- B.H. 4/26/2012 (Cudahy, Wisconsin)

Thank you once again for your excellent and prompt service. My order arrived in good time and perfect condition. :-)
-- R.H. 4/25/2012 (Escondido, California)

I have placed quite a few orders with your company thus far, and I am very pleased with the promptness with which they have been processed. Thank you for great service!
-- T.H. 4/24/2012 (Worcester, Massachusetts)

I was very much impressed with the care given to the package since its an international order. Totally happy with the service provided by Jetpens and your prompt reply to my queries.
-- S.M. 4/21/2012 (Mumbai, India)

I appreciate the depth of catalog that you stock, the shipping is remarkably fast, and your level of customer service is clearly exemplary. Thank you and I'll look forward to my next order with you.
-- W.C. 4/17/2012 (Shamokin, Pennsylvania)

My recent order arrived in excellent condition today. I am entirely pleased with the products and JetPens' service.
-- M.H. 4/11/2012 (Escondido, California)

The order arrived a week or so ago and your prompt and professional service is appreciated. I will continue to be a customer and recommend you for good service and great products.
-- B.T. 4/9/2012 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I want to thank you for my recent order. I could not believe that it arrived so quickly. You folks are wonderful!
-- D.E. 4/2/2012 (Stoneham, Massachusetts)

Hi JetPens, I just got my shipment, it's all here, everything is just fine. My pens are great as I expected. I am very happy. So, I inform you that all pens are now in my possession. You are unique, and it was a pleasure to work with you.
-- P.S. 3/29/2012 (Belgrade, Serbia)

I just wanted to say that I recently discovered your site, and have made two orders. As an editor and writer, I am constantly on the search for perfect pens. The American market offers some decent pens (Pilot Razor and Uni-Ball Vision come to mind). However, the pens I've found through your organization have completely thrilled me. I've been on a never-ending search for the perfect thin-line pens, and I feel I finally found them. I particularly love the 0.4 Hi Tec C pens and Pentel Slicci pens. Also, your color variety is amazing. I wish I could buy these local, but I'm so glad there's an online organization like Jet Pens to provide them for me. In the future, I will definitely come to you for my pen needs. I'd also like to thank you for the awesomely quick service. I live in Buffalo, NY. Your shipments reach me in 3 days! It's rare that a curmudgeon like me feels the desire to compliment such a superior company, so...bravo!
-- G.R. 3/26/2012 (Hamburg, New York)

Thank you very much for your reply and the replacement! Although I am already a big fan of JetPens, your email made my experience with JetPens even more positive.
-- C.P. 3/23/2012 (Duluth, Minnesota)

I just wanted to thank you so much for your incredibly fast shipping! Everything was padded so nicely in the box! I am 100% pleased and will definitely coming here again for all my drawing needs!
-- R.S. 3/23/2012 (York, Pennsylvania)

Wow, thank you so much! We will definitely be ordering more pencils from you in the future. We appreciate the great customer service, which seems to be really hard to find these days.
-- T.E. 3/23/2012 (Carlsbad, California)

Thanks for replacing my pencil. I know you don't have to, so I truly appreciate the consideration and GREAT customer service. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.
-- W.A. 3/19/2012 (Northville, Michigan)

Thank you so much for the response and for the replacement pen. I really appreciate you replacing it even though you really didn't have to. The customer service here really is impeccable. Thanks again!
-- T.P. 3/14/2012 (Chicago, Illinois)

I must compliment you all- you carry wonderful, quality products that are hard to find, your website is a joy to order through, shipping is amazingly fast, and your personal attention to my issue is greatly appreciated. You've got a very happy customer! (I'll be back.....)
-- M.S. 3/13/2012 (Wasilla, Alaska)

You guys are the best. I look forward to doing business with you again. I will make sure to refer my friends as well.
-- N.R. 3/13/2012 (Huntington Park, California)

The Order arrived TODAY! I love the pens (every bit as great as mixed media artist Pam Carriker claims they are), the great price & the super fast shipping. You've definitely made a new customer who will be back, bringing as many of her mixed media girlfriends as she can with her. Thanks so much for such great service!
-- G.S. 3/3/2012 (Austin, Texas)

Thank you for the quick shipment and delivery. I placed my order on Thursday evening and received it Monday (free shipping to Indiana). I am impressed with your service and the quality of the products I ordered. I will recommend JetPens to others and plan to order more in the future.
-- C.G. 2/28/2012 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Since I was so impressed with your help, I had to purchase more pens (you twisted my arm) and have referred several colleagues to your website, one of which I am certain has already purchased several Pilot pens. You have a customer for life. Thank you.
-- A.D. 2/28/2012 (Irving , Texas)

I recommend JetPens to the illustrators I know, and am already planning my next order. I love all the nifty gadgets, and supplies, they're such fun and always a joy to experiment with.
-- S.G. 2/27/2012 (Washington, District of Columbia)

I've always had a great experience with JetPens; I'm so glad you guys are around!
-- B.W. 2/27/2012 (Huntsville, Alabama)

Just wanted to send a quick message saying how much I love...EVERYTHING Jetpens. From the easy browsing to the fast shipping. It's amazing. I have recommended your site to all my colleagues and friends because I have never, ever seen such proficiency. Thanks for being so awesome!
-- M.M. 2/23/2012 (Arlington, Virginia)

Great Service. I ordered On Feb 15th and my order arrived today on the 17th. I HAVE NEVER had such great service. I will definitely share the "Love" for your company and brag on your customer service.
-- A.M. 2/17/2012 (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)

Elizabeth, I got my replacement today and am very satisfied with it, thanks lot! We really appreciate your help and JetPens' great service. We're sure to be a customer of JetPens again.
-- B.R. 2/17/2012 (Hillsboro, Oregon)

WOW, I love your website, I too am a pen snob! It is good to know that there are more of us out there... Great job, great site, I am in heaven and I am looking forward to browsing more!! Love it!
-- P.D. 2/17/2012 (Holland, Michigan)

I want to thank you for your speedy service! Can't wait to try them on my colored pencil art even though that implies a mistake on my part! I'll spread the word!
-- HJKL 2/15/2012 (Eastsound, Washington)

I'd like to thank you guys for making this a painless process, it's become a rather unique thing in customer service and definitely makes me more inclined to give JetPens as much business as I can.
-- S.C. 2/15/2012 (Boston, Massachusetts)

I just wanted to drop a line and say how great I think your customer service has been with all my silly questions. I appreciate the time and attention to detail you obviously put in to your department.
-- C.S. 2/14/2012 (Davenport, Iowa)

I've just received the first of my recent orders from you. I'm very impressed with both the goods I ordered and your speedy service. Much of what you stock is unobtainable in the UK. That alone is good enough reason to order.
-- I.P. 2/14/2012 (Liverpool, England)

Thank you so much for your quick shipment. I am very happy with my purchase and you can be sure that if I ever need any supplies, I will be sure to order from you.
-- M.Z. 2/10/2012 (Chester, New York)

Thank you, your service has been great and I am enjoying all of the other products I have purchased from you.
-- B.H. 2/10/2012 (Ottawa, Canada)

I just would like to say, and I can't stress this enough, that JetPens' Customer Service must be the best I've ever dealt with. Keep up the good work!
-- B.C. 2/9/2012 (Houdan, France)

Hello. I just wanted to say that I'm very happy, because my nibs and nib holder arrived today in perfect condition. It only took 8 days! I bought it on January 19, 2012 and it was in my house at January 28. I'm from Chile, is hard to find this kind of articles here. So I will recommend my friends this page if they want to buy something good.
-- G.G. 1/28/2012 (Santiago, Chile)

Okay so I can see you have great prices and fun products and the free shipping definately grabbed me. But "ink snobs" sold me when I got your email. I'm even more excited to overspend!
-- A.U. 1/27/2012

I usually don't send feedback, but this time I felt like it was worth it. Today my item arrived in perfect condition 3 days after placing my order! And I live on the other side of the country! Thank you so much for the fast service and careful packaging. I was so eager to place an order, and when I finally did I was not disappointed. Thanks again!
-- L.A. 1/24/2012 (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Here is a quick note of thanks. I placed [an order] on the morning of January 18. It is was in my hands in Norristown, PA near Philadelphia shortly after 3 PM on Friday January 20. The Uni Kuru Toga Roulette and Lamy Safari, already in productive use, are superb as is your service. Bravo, JetPens!
-- P.M. 1/24/2012 (Norristown, Pennsylvania)

Your company is great! By way of the Pen Addict I have been making several purchases and the service is great.
-- R.R. 1/23/2012 (Berkley, Michigan)

I received my Pentel Energel Pen Refills today. All I can say is WOW. The service was first rate all the way. I will definitely be a returning customer when I need more pen refills. Also, I will definitely recommend JetPens whenever I can. Thank you for your service.
-- M.S. 1/20/2012 (Macedonia, Ohio)

I would have to say that although I have had 2 problems with the items that I have ordered through JetPens, I am amazed at the customer service that you provide. I will surely continue shopping through your site and refer others to you.
-- P.K. 1/18/2012 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Every item is perfect; in fact, better than I expected. I am very pleased with the products, the speed with which JetPen executed the order and your responsiveness. I look forward to being a long-time customer.
-- B.S. 1/18/2012 (Toronto, Canada)

I placed an order [for the first time] on JetPens on December 27th and it arrived in FOUR DAYS! I was astounded! Everything was perfectly and safely packaged, and arrived without one problem. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service... I am truly satisfied with my purchases and I'll come back to JetPens the next time I need something cool.
-- D.L. 1/8/2012 (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)

Thank you for processing my order so quick! Got my Mechanical Pencils in perfect condition and on time for Christmas. Good price, beautiful pen & pencils selection and Excellent customer service! Very impressed and pleased. Thanks again! See you soon for sure! Highly Recommended!
-- P.G. 12/25/2011 (Quincy, Massachusetts)

Within the past month I have placed two orders with you. I have been very pleased with the ballpoint pens, mechanical pencil, and the refills I have received. The quality of the items is excellent. Your quickly shipping the items is appreciated. Thank you for the overall excellent products and service.
-- N.T. 12/20/2011 (Spokane, Washington)

I love JetPens and have wonderful time shopping your site. Keep up the great work at bring unusual and hard-to-find items to the U.S.!
-- H.S. 12/20/2011 (Mount Prospect, Illinois)

I appreciate the service you have and I'm very satisfied. I will come back to buy from your company. I'm a big fan of writing and the pens. I will recommend your Web site.
-- F.J. 12/19/2011 (Zaragoza, Spain)

It's been less than a month since I learned about your website, but I've already made three purchases. I just wanted to say that your website should keep my entire family in high style for quite a while.
-- E.Y. 12/16/2011 (Mahomet, Illinois)

Every time I have had the slightest issue you guys have done more than one would expect. I will be a Jetpens customer for years to come and never ever worry that I might have a problem that won't get solved to the highest standards. You guys have built a company based on skid principles and great ethics. I am proud to be a Jetpens customer.
-- J.L. 12/16/2011 (Marietta, Georgia)

Just wanted to say thank you (yet again) for your superb service and products. I received my order yesterday, the pens are fantastic and I am (as always) very pleased. So much so that I just placed another order a few minutes ago. I prefer writing with gray ink, and pens with gray ink are very hard to find -- or they were, until I ran across JetPens! And whenever I've had the urge to try some other odd colors, you're always right there with something in the color I'm looking for (the copper Sarasa is very unique!) -- thanks again for all you do!
-- K.W. 12/10/2011 (Crown Point, Indiana)

I would like thank you for the customer service I received regarding replacing pencil leads that had come open during shipping and broke all over. It was like telling your freind what had happened, and they just fixed it!! I've never written a review before but, my thoughts are if you can trust a company in the small concerns, that tells me that's how they run their business across the board. Thanks again for an outstanding web site, AND customer service.
-- B.P. 12/10/2011 (Alcova, Wyoming)

I'm not in the habit of writing reviews for a product let alone a whole company, but after 4 orders I feel the need to. I just placed another order, 2 in one week. Your company is amazing. First of all your checkout process is the least painfull and most organized system that I've ever used on line. I've never had a difficult time,ever. Your orders come so quickly that it's surpising that it's free shipping. I always look forward to the contents. Your pens are different. Not one of them is a disappointment. Your company is awesome and I enjoy it every time I visit your site. I always go there first when I feel the "need" for a new pen. Thanks for being there in so many ways.
-- N.A. 12/3/2011 (Charlotte, North Carolina)

I emailed about a week ago asking for a specific colour of blue black fountain pen ink. I was very detailed in my request, describing the shading I wanted. Elizabeth responded with some pictures of ink and she suggested Diamine blue black. Upon her suggestion I ordered it and received it today. I wanted to let you know this is the exact colour I wanted. Huge thank you to Elizabeth for her friendly help and spot on suggestion. Thank you for great customer service. It's why I keep coming back to jet pens.
-- R.B. 11/16/2011 (Lakesite, Tennessee)

Thank you so much for all your most excellent, attentive and thorough help, consideration, follow-up & follow-through. Also, for making every single step of my return so simple and painless. It is most appreciated, and most rare to encounter these days, with any business enterprise.
-- P.G. 11/10/2011 (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

Thanks for yet another super FAST order, shipment and receipt. You guys are great!
-- J.H. 10/27/2011 (The Dalles, Oregon)

Your customer care is... is truly first rate. Very thorough, fast and friendly!
-- J.M. 10/24/2011 (Forest Hills , New York)

I was looking to try out some brush pens and no art supply store had any in my area. All the other ones online had the same ones. Then, I found you guys. I ordered three pens to see, what the quality of the pens were. I am addicted to your store. I love the pens and I love the service, it is wonderful and speedy. Thank you.
-- J.T. 10/24/2011 (Cleveland, Ohio)

Got my pens and ink. Super quick, and the pens are very, very nice. Even better than I'd hoped!
-- L.M. 10/24/2011 (Parker, Colorado)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your outstanding service and excellent product. I really appreciate the great selection, ease of ordering and a very user-friendly web site. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
-- C.C. 10/21/2011 (San Ramon, California)

I just want to say I really love JetPens.Com and enjoy browsing and shopping with your company. And I am really grateful and appreciative of your kind and courteous service towards me.
-- J.M. 10/19/2011 (Astoria, New York)

You guys are awesome! Great selection! Excellent customer service!! I've ordered 3-4 times and will keep coming back! Thanks.
-- V.K. 10/6/2011 (Pasadena, California)

Just wanted to send you guys a big "Thank You" -- I've ordered from you several times, the products are always exactly what I hoped they would be, and the service is always quick! You have a superb operation going there, please keep up the good work!
-- K.W. 10/5/2011 (Crown Point, Indiana)

I recently purchased a birthday present for myself from JetPens. Since I live in Atlanta, I had ordered far in advance of my day, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see the box at my door under a week's time! The packaging was perfect for protecting everything, and not a single mistake with the items I had ordered (since I chose various open stock pens, I was concerned about accuracy). I'm so thrilled about everything I got from JetPens, it has kept me smiling ever since. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Thank you.
-- J.D. 10/1/2011 (Atlanta, Georgia)

I really appreciate the great customer service I have received from JetPens, thank you for everything.
-- N.P. 9/27/2011 (Bakersfield, California)

I have had great experiences with JetPens--I think this is close to the 20th pen I've purchased from your company. I look forward to purchasing many, many more.
-- S.W. 9/26/2011 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Received my third package from JetPens. Great service and love the free shipping. Thanks JetPens.
-- B.T. 9/22/2011 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

I discovered Jet Pens by chance some time ago. The products on offer are excellent and generally not available in Ireland. I reckon my addiction will last for some time - unless, of course, there is a support group!
-- T.M. 9/20/2011 (Ratoath, Ireland)

You guys are too good...and stupid quick! I can't recommend JetPens enough to my other architect friends...the 25% still employed, that is. Thanks for being there for us pen-o-philes.
-- B.H. 9/16/2011 (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Thank you for this information Elizabeth. I also want to thank you personally for responding so quickly and thoroughly to the emails that I have sent to Jet Pens. You have made me a very happy customer, and I will continue to do my pen and ink shopping with your company. I always look forward with anticipation to your "New Arrivals" website postings...I think the pictures of the products on your webpage are outstanding, far better than any other pen website. They are clear, big, bright and beautiful! Many thanks to your great photographer!
-- V.T. 9/14/2011 (San Bruno, California)

I've dealt with so many customer services and you guys are by far the most responsive, courteous and personable I have ever dealt with! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!
-- C.L. 9/13/2011 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I received my first order, and look forward to my second. It's a shame that Customs in the UK take so long to process and add so much in extra charges, but I am very pleased with your products and the good packaging provided, and will be buying from you again (my second order is already on its way). Thank you, and keep up the good work!
-- C.C. 9/8/2011 (Glasgow, Scotland)

Thank you for mailing out the box, and I look forward to it. Furthermore, let me take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the high level of customer service that you and your company have shown regarding my questions and your willingness to send me the Parker box! At the risk of sounding cliche, it is very nice to deal with a company that still places high standards for itself with regard to customer service. From start to finish, my first experience with JetPens has been nothing short of exceptional, from the speed of my initial delivery to your timely answers and solution to my concerns. In short, JetPens has just become one of my "go to" sellers when I consider future purchases in the fine writing arena. I will also be quick to recommend your company to my friends, family, and colleagues when they consider future purchases as well.
-- D.M. 9/2/2011 (Queen Creek, Arizona)

Just wanted to thank you for your great service. Product as described and quick delivery. I am grateful I found out about you guys.
-- R.I. 8/30/2011 (Alberta, Canada)

Just wanted to say thank you for my recent order: everything was perfect and safely packed. And even though I chose snail-mail for shipping, I received it in just a couple of days! JetPens rocks!
-- G.Y. 8/24/2011 (Fort Worth, Texas)

Thank you very much. Your customer service and quality products keep me coming back for my writing needs.
-- J.W. 8/24/2011 (Morton Grove, Illinois)

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I want to thank you for the quick shipping and good products that you offer to your customers. I will order again with pleasure!
-- P.G. 8/18/2011 (Lyon, France)

Yesterday I received my little parcel of pens and they are all fabulous! I can't get these sorts of pens here in Australia, and as someone who loves the finest of pens, I will definitely be returning to buy more! Thank you so much.
-- I.W. 8/15/2011 (Queanbeyan, Australia)

I wanted to write to let you know that I am very impressed with JetPens! I placed my order this past Sunday and received my order on Wednesday of this week. Wow, now that was quick! I am extremely impressed with all of the products I ordered, I love everything! I also like your prices. I believe your prices are ranged so that everyone can afford to get something! Thank you, JetPens for valuing your customers with your wonderful products, prices, and the speedy delivery! I have already passed your name and website along to several of my family and friends!! Thank you again!
-- T.G. 8/4/2011 (Rural Hall, North Carolina)

I appreciate your help and prompt response to my problem! I have ordered several times from your company and am always pleased with how promptly my order arrives! And now I can add great customer service to the list of great things about your company. Thanks so much!
-- J.W. 8/4/2011 (Frisco, Texas)

Thank you for your very quick service. Couldn't believe it when it arrived two days after I ordered!! You made a long time customer. Thanks again.
-- R.F. 7/29/2011 (Merced, California)

I wanted to let you know that I've just received my first order from you and am totally impressed! I am absolutely head-over-heels with your Hi-Tech-C's that I received in my order . . . This is the first time I've used one of them and find the balance, feel, heft and quality of line to be a wonderful experience. I'll be sketching more as a result of this first experience!! You guys are awesome!
-- D.R. 7/28/2011 (Boca Raton, Florida)

Thank you so much for getting back to me, especially with such a generous solution! I'd heard nothing but great things about JetPens' Customer Service, and yourself in particular, and based on my experience the praise is all justified! I'll be sure to post some reviews and spread the buzz about how awesome you all are!
-- I.W. 7/25/2011 (San Diego, California)

Thank you Elizabeth, I was really hoping that you would pull out all the stops to make a customer into a fan, and you have. FYI, at the same time I placed my order with you I also placed an order at [another pen shop], who I'm sure will do a fine job. But because of your above & beyond customer service, JetPens is my new go to source for all things office! Now, if I can just find a way to tell the world about JetPens without letting my wife find out I'm buying more mechanical pencils...
-- S.H. 7/21/2011 (Concord, North Carolina)

I have had an order recently.. and I must say WOW!! What is up with the shipping?! It is incredibly fast! From CA to GA is was shocked to find it in my mailbox so soon. Thank you for awesome service.
-- K.S. 7/16/2011 (Hinesville, Georgia)

Just wanted to let you all know that your site is a dream come true for writers and pen/pencil/stationery enthusiasts. Keep up the good work.
-- R.B. 7/14/2011 (Brooklyn, New York)

I finally got a chance to use the new refill and it works great. It is exactly what I expected and is a gorgeous sepia color... The fact that you took the time to send me this refill is a great example of what makes JetPens better than any other similar site. I am really looking forward to placing my next order and I will continue to refer people to your site whenever possible.
-- N.K. 7/13/2011 (Oakland, California)

You guys have been so amazing helping me out with this replacement supplies, I cannot thank you enough. I will make sure that I recommend you to anyone I know in need of quality drafting supplies (and I go to SCAD so I know a lot!) I do already but now you guys are on a whole new level of amazing THANK YOU!!!
-- F.K. 6/29/2011 (Savannah, Georgia)

Hi JetPens: I rec'd it all yesterday and am HAPPY!!! It even beat my other order from another supplier from You can bet you're on my "favorite" list.
-- E.L. 6/28/2011 (Mililani Mauka, Hawaii)

I received an order of pens last week and I can not believe how quickly they arrived. When my husband brought the mail in, he asked what was in the package. I answered, "I don't know". No way did I think they would come so fast. What a delightful surprise for the day! Thank you.
-- E.F. 6/28/2011 (Hartshorn, Missouri)

Wow. You guys, and your site, are excellent. Just received my first order, which I've decided to give to my cousins as a gift. Came right back for a Rotring 600. This could get addictive...
-- M.K. 6/28/2011 (Washington, District of Columbia)

My order has just arrived! Such an exciting day. I love my pens from you and this latest order is filled with so many goodies. I'm sure I'll eventually have everything in your store. Can't wait for the next one to get here. We get only boring pens here in our stores so it's very cool to be able to get a package in the mail filled with so many treasures. Yes, I'm running out of storage space but there are worse things to collect,right?!!!! So thanks again. I'm off to do some writing/playing:)
-- M.S. 6/26/2011 (Queensland, Australia)

Thanks so much for your quick delivery--it arrived Thursday! Wow! I had fun sketching with my new pen today!
-- L.D. 6/17/2011 (Portland, Oregon)

I LOVE YOUR PENS!!!! I tell everyone about them and let them use mine then they are HOOKED!!! They are the best. Thank you so much for the new innovation! College is so much better with your products. No more smudges or mistakes!!! :)
-- L.W. 6/12/2011 (Arlington, Texas)

If you are shopping for good pens at a good price, and are tired of not getting decent customer service, I urge you to try - they ship promptly, they don't charge shipping if your order is more than $25, and I have not come across such a responsive customer service department in years. I received a pen whose cartridge had leaked, and Elizabeth of customer service did everything one could ask for to make it right. They are a 5 star company!
-- J.N. 6/10/2011 (Haddonfield, New Jersey)

Thank you very much for your help. I work in customer service myself, and your prompt replies and solution to me problem are what customer service is all about. I want to thank you personally for your time in resolving this matter. I get a lot of compliments for my Pico pen and will surely mention JetPens when I am asked where I got it. Have a wonderful day and thanks again.
-- M.S. 6/1/2011 (Playa Del Rey, California)

Way to go JetPens on exceptional customer service! (Especially Elizabeth! -Thank you!) It's nice to know that there are still companies out there that put the customer first. Your staff went above and beyond the call of duty to assist with my request and for that you have a loyal customer for life! Bravo!
-- B.G. 6/1/2011 (Mebane, North Carolina)

I just wanted to thank you for sending the Black Jetstream to me, I received it today. I really appreciate your good business ethics it is always a pleasure doing business with companies that make decisions based on ethics instead of immediate dollars. Have a safe Holiday weekend.
-- J.L. 5/27/2011 (Marietta, Georgia)

You guys are the best ever. Please keep being awesome.
-- G.K. 5/24/2011 (Kitchener, Ontario)

I received my order SO FAST! I love every thing I ordered, and am so pleased with your company! You have solved all my gift giving, and just want to commend you on your high quality of service. Thanks so much!
-- S.A. 5/18/2011 (Land O Lakes, Florida)

Just want to let you know, that I received the package a few days back and was very happy! Not one thing was broken or damaged, and everything was in there in perfect shape! I am extremely happy with the service from JetPens, yet again. I will most certainly buy from you again! Thank you very much!
-- C.M. 5/12/2011 (Newfoundland)

You guys rock. I love the products, all delivered fast and in perfect condition. Plus, you never screw up my order :) I always recommend you to my friends looking for this stuff. Since I'm an architect, pens and pencils are my vice, instead of drugs and cigarettes. I lived in Japan for a few years and got spoiled... thanks :)
-- P.G. 5/5/2011 (Arlington, Virginia)

I live in the middle east, and some pencils are hard to come by. A friend was going to the US, so I sent him some pencils from this site I found - JetPens. After getting swift delivery confirmation, when they got to US a month later I was later told they never got the package! I was a bit worried that there was no phone number on the site. They gave me their number although the email service is so efficient I did not need to even try it. I was made an extremely generous offer of sending a replacement for my order, as I said I never got it. Finally I was able to get hold of my friend who was able to find the parcel... But I was left extremely impressed with the company, which I felt went beyond the expected when it came to customer service.
-- A.H. 4/27/2011

I just received my third order of Jetpens today and it was quite unexpected as I look forward to get my loot early next week. But it was a nice surprise in my mail! Thanks again for your very fast shipping and guaranteed accessibility to quality products! I'm really glad I came across your site. Kudos to your A+ Team, Jetpens!
-- G.M. 4/21/2011 (Manitoba, Canada)

Thank you for shipping the mechanical pencils so quickly. I just received the order and the mechanical pencils are fabulous. I couldn't find anything in Honolulu but now I know where to go for all of my pen & pencil requirements. Again thank you for the excellent service and product.
-- G.K. 4/20/2011 (Waipahu, Hawaii)

I just wanted to say that I received my order today. From the day I ordered till the day I got the pens was a total of three days, to Hawaii. You guys are the best! Your service is the best and I will recommend your company to everyone I know. Can't say enough about Jetpens. I shop a lot on the Internet and your company is by far the best I've ever done business with. Thank you very much. Keep up the excellent work.
-- J.B. 4/15/2011 (Kihei, Hawaii)

Thank you! The rumors about your fantastic company service are indeed true! I've been meaning to check JetPens out for a while, and will definitely recommend your wonderful business as a more than satisfied customer with my very first order! I'll be back! Again, thank you, and may you all enjoy a great holiday, with lots of time off!
-- H.M. 4/15/2011 (Liverpool, New York)

Thank you Jetpens! I have ordered multiple times from you guys and each time I have received quality products in a very timely manner. Your customer service is quick and friendly and your business is professional. I haven't hesitated to recommend you to my stationary/writing utensil enthusiast friends. Keep it up!
-- L.W. 4/14/2011 (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to I was able to get my hands on the Pilot Petit1 Fountain Pen and its refills. These were so popular in my home that I have ordered more to give as gifts. As a professional writer, I am delighted by the range of products available on, from mechanical pencils to fountain pens. Thank you for stocking such wonderful stationery!
-- A.M. 4/5/2011 (Toronto, Canada)

Just wanted to say how much I love JetPens! My friends are ALWAYS jealous of all the cool pens/pencils I have! I will definitely be ordering more once high school starts! JetPens has totally changed my "stationery" life :)
-- H.K. 4/3/2011 (Palos Verdes Estates, California)

Amazing turnaround time (2 days) and the products arrived just as ordered: thank you very much for your customer care! I will be definitely ordering from you in the future and will be telling my friends about it.
-- Y.L. 3/24/2011 (San Francisco, California)

I received my replacement order today and everything looks great! Thank you very much! Excellent customer service, I look forward to shopping with you again Thanks again!
-- S.G. 3/24/2011 (Lanham, Maryland)

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with your service. You have a great selection, good prices, and are very fast with processing and shipping. I have bought from you several times and will continue to do so. Thanks!
-- C.T. 3/23/2011 (Columbia, Maryland)

Thank you for your quick and courteous response. I appreciate all the fine customer service Jet Pens is noted for, as well as the outstanding products.
-- J.H. 3/21/2011 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Thanks! I'll be on the lookout for the missing pen in the mail, thanks again for the prompt response and easy resolution. There were a lot of small items in the order so I thought it would be easy to miss something while packaging it. Overall I'm impressed with your service, I've made a lot of orders and usually they come fast and correct. I really like the fast shipping and the availability of nice items from your store, the customer service is also great.
-- M.P. 3/21/2011 (Brooklyn Center, Minnesota)

Thanks I always receive my items in such a timely manner. I love you guys.
-- F.M. 3/18/2011 (East Providence, Rhode Island)

I wrote a REVIEW for this pencil because I felt other consumers would benefit from my experience. As I mentioned in the review, I think your service (your site and your products) are excellent. I have been and will remain a BIG FAN of Thank you for making me feel that my experience with your products is as important as the money you receive for those products. I'm a big believer that high quality service will create high quality customers!
-- K.T. 3/17/2011 (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Thanks again for all your efforts on my behalf. I'm a long term customer of Jet Pens and want to say that your customer service is outstanding! I would, without hesitation, recommend your company to all of my friends and neighbors.
-- B.F. 3/16/2011 (Poway, California)

Thank you for your prompt service and giving me a straight answer. This is one more reason I keep buying from your company and the great stock of Japanese pens! Thank you.
-- J.M. 3/8/2011 (Monterey Park, California)

So glad I found your shop. My last order was great, the shipping was quick and the quality of the items is fantastic. So, thank you.
-- C.D. 3/8/2011 (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Thank you very much for your understanding. The responsiveness and helpfulness of attitude displayed by you and your staff are just a few of the reasons that I will gladly continue to be a customer of JetPens.
-- B.L. 3/8/2011 (Round Rock, Texas)

All I can say is, THANK YOU! I certainly wasn't expecting a replacement, and that came as a nice relief, especially after contacting pilot directly, They went to a lot of trouble to tell me to get lost and it wasn't their problem. (Seriously, I got a "legalese" response!) I really do appreciate your customer service, and am a loyal customer because of the personal service I receive. I refer people to your site often for just this reason. Thanks again
-- V.P. 3/4/2011 (Huntsville, Alabama)

I love your site, the collection, and the awesome Pilot 2+1 pen. I lost mine, and here I am, back for the same one. I'm a tutor at a university, and I always get students, professors, and coworkers inquiring about my cool office supplies; I tell them, go to! I never email a faceless company, but I am genuinely pleased by my shopping experience and have been ever since I first started shopping here. Thanks!
-- M.G. 2/27/2011 (San Juan, Texas)

I ordered my pens on Tuesday and they arrived early on Thursday. Incredible service. I got so excited that I finished 3 projects before telling you how happy I am. Will definitely order again and recommend you to everyone. The pens are fantastic--Uniball signo white gel broad. Perfect for card-making and journalling.
-- P.A. 2/26/2011 (Newport, Oregon)

The package arrived safely and very promptly! All that way from sunny California to damp and drizzly Sussex in a week. Fantastic service. I'll definitely be recommending you to other cartoonists.
-- D.R. 2/25/2011 (West Sussex, United Kingdom)

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I ordered the very unique Kaweco Sport, the clip and some ink on February 16. I received the order by Saturday 2/19. I'm really pleased with it. Thanks!
-- B.P. 2/22/2011 (New Canaan, Connecticut)

Just to let you know that I'm as happy with what I ordered from Jet Pens as with the service. Packet arrived today, everything in great shape. Consistently first-rate!
-- M.R. 2/13/2011

Received my merchandise in record time, and I love what I ordered. Many, many thanks!
-- A.H. 2/10/2011 (Huntington, New York)

I'm so happy to have discovered your site. Kudos to all. Of your success. Your service is excellent. Thank you!
-- P.M. 2/10/2011 (Lees Summit, Missouri)

Hi guys, just wanted to stop by and formally commend you guys on BEING SO AWESOME!! Please keep up the good work.
-- S.Q. 2/9/2011 (Bronx, New York)

Just wanted to thank you for such wonderful service. My new Ohto pen and refills came today. Very fast service. I like the new pen and it will be nice to have another everyday pen for work. Thanks again and I will be buying more pens and pencils in the near future. I think I've found my pen and pencil supplier. Continued success!
-- W.K. 2/9/2011 (Kettering, Ohio)

You guys are truly amazing...I got the shipping notice yesterday....received this order this everything....thanks a million!
-- I.L. 2/8/2011 (Carmel, California)

So far, I've got nothing bad to say and I am totally satisfied. I tried all the pens I ordered and so far, so great! As always, Im excited to use these goodies for my journaling and note-taking! You guys rock! :))) For sure, I'll order, time and time again. This is turning out to be addiction but I don't mind at all. I hope you guys stay on this business for a very long time!
-- G.M. 2/7/2011 (Manitoba, Canada)

I really can't tell you guys enough that your products and your customer service are what keep me coming back! And for a poor college student that's something! Keep fueling my addiction!
-- E.W. 2/7/2011 (Fairborn, Ohio)

I just received the pens today and I love them! The erasers have improved a lot and the point writes much smoother! The Japanese are amazing!!!!
-- K.T. 2/2/2011 (Hilo, Hawaii)

Thank you for your excellent service. It is always a pleasure to receive my orders from your store. JetPens is the the absolute best source for all my writing needs. I buy ALL my writing implements from your store. Absolutely excellent!
-- J.C. 2/4/2011 (College Station, Texas)

Just placed an order and I must say your web site is one of the most pleasurable to use that I've come across to date. Whatever you're using is simple fast and fun. Plus, quality of products received to date is excellent. Elegant and Ingenious designs. Second to none.
-- D.O. 2/3/2011 (Toronto, Ontario)

I love your site and the products I purchase are usually top notch. Thanks for providing products I can't find anywhere else and making yourselves a unique retailer in a sea of mess. The site is easy to use and pleasant to look at which makes a BIG difference!
-- K.S. 2/1/2011 (Laurel, Maryland)

I'm writing just to say thanks. I just received my second order from JetPens today, just wanted to say thank you again, and keep up the great work. You guys make being a mechanical pencil fan a whole lot easier! Great products, great service, reasonable prices, speedy delivery, I've just been having a really great buying experience overall. Thanks once more and keep up the great work.
-- A.M. 2/1/2011 (Lod, Israel) is scary awesome. Scary, because I am tempted to spend lots and lots of money on all the cool writing implements you guys sell, and awesome due to the great selection and service. Keep up the good work. I just wish you had a retail presence here in Silicon Valley!
-- S.C. 2/1/2011 (Sunnyvale, California)

Thanks for your prompt attention and continued good service.
-- L.B. 1/31/2011 (Winterthur, Delaware)

Just wanted to add how much I love this store. This is my 3rd purchase with the store and I have already told my fellow pen lovers about it.
-- A.R. 1/28/2011 (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Jet Pens really just has the best customer service - it is so nice to do business with such a great company. Your product line is wonderful, but without good customer service would probably not be someplace I would shop. Your taking the time to get right back to me and with such good info was just great.
-- C.I. 1/20/2011 (Aurora, Illinois)

Jetpens, I just want to thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic service! Your pens arrived to me, in Australia in just ONE WEEK! I was very pleasantly surprised as I didn't expect them to get to me in at least another week or two. The pens are brilliant, and I am just overly happy with my order! I will definitely be buying from you again :)
-- T.M. 1/18/2011 (Sydney, Australia)

I just wanted to say that I'm thrilled that you're now carrying the Uni-ball Signo Scented gel pens. I discovered them in Paris several years ago and have had to order them from an English online store, paying way too much for shipping. I am a high school English teacher and one of the little pleasures in the tedium of grading papers is the delight of holding these pens, having fun colors (Uniball needs a purple and a better green), great opaque smooth ink and good smells. THANK YOU! As a devotee of Miffy pens, I think it's great that you're now stocking these as well.
-- C.S. 1/18/2011 (Santa Monica, California)

Dear JetPens Team, I received the pens I ordered yesterday and I am thrilled with the products and the prompt dispatch resulting in the pens arriving in Australia in 10 days!
-- M.G. 1/15/2011 (Marsfield, Australia)

Thank you so much for your kindness. I would just like to tell you how much I love jetpens (wheher or not you would replace my pen:) )!!!!
-- D.D. 1/17/2011 (Bloomingdale, Georgia)

I discovered this site a few months ago and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You guys rock.
-- E.S. 1/16/2011 (New York, New York)

I just wanted to send a short email to thank your site for it's services. I've looked long and hard at several retail locations for a good pen nib, and it seems that almost none of the craft stores anywhere sell them separately anymore. Upon looking into it, even the packs that are avaialble usually arent quality, and often only fit with the pen holder they come with. I've researched many brands, and almost all sites point to Japanese Nikko or Zebra Nibs as the best of the best for G pens and Turnip style. I was very pleased with your sites selection. I spent a semester abroad in Japan, and fell deeply in love with the both quality and variety of Japanese stationary, desk tools, and such while I was there. Thank you SO much for making these products easy and quick to get, as well as incredibly affordable! ^_^
-- N.G. 1/13/2011 (Hudson, New Hampshire)

I am TOTALLY THRILLED with your selection of products, web site and service. I placed my order yesterday morning and I already have my fun new pens in my hand. That is what I call SERVICE!!! I will be shopping with you again and be sure to tell my friends about you! CONGRATULATIONS on a great site and EXCELLENT service. May you have great fortune now and always.
-- M.G. 1/13/2011 (Sacramento, California)

JetPens has to be one of my favorite online retailers of all time, and the huge selection of writing instruments makes my life as a student that much more enjoyable.
-- L.C. 1/11/2011

You guys are awesome. I've liked with different pens for years and when I found Jetpens via I was surprised by your selection. Over the past few months I've ordered many things and all of them have been great. It couldn't be better. Your service is quick, easy and effective. I love recommending you guys when people ask me where I got that cool pen. Thanks Jetpens!
-- S.R. 12/30/2010 (Seaside, Oregon)

Just wanted to say thank you for great customer service!!!! From one coast to the other I always get my shipments in speedy time, and I look forward to receiving. Thanks again, and the Best for 2011!!!!!
-- E.Z. 12/30/2010 (Salisbury, Maryland)

I have ordered tons of pens from your company, and because of your great customer service, I plan to continue to buy from you!
-- P.C. 12/29/2010 (Stuart, Florida)

I just got my order today - my very first transaction and I am extremely satisfied with your service! :) These are the products that I've been waiting to have for the longest time...
-- G.M. 12/20/2010 (Manitoba, Canada)

Being a calligrapher, every time I go to your site it's like Christmas! I just enjoy wandering around and looking at all the possibilities. is so easy to use, it's wonderful.
-- J.G. 12/16/2010 (Sandia Park, New Mexico)

I LOVE JetPens. The variety of high quality products that I used to have to travel all the way to Japan to get are now available at my fingertips! JetPens delivers items oh so fast and at a reasonable rate. They are the best!
-- C.L. 12/10/2010 (Madison, Wisconsin)

Just a quick email to say "Thanks!" for the order below; it arrived in great shape...the Platinum Preppy pens are great and the Choco pencil wrap is a real looker :) Thanks again for your excellent customer service and products. This is my first JetPens order but it won't be my last!
-- M.F. 10/25/2010 (Point Roberts, Washington)

I have to add that I am hooked on your store and product offerings. My 9 year old daughter loves the mechanical pencils, erasers, and pen case that I got for her. I love your fine point ballpoint and gel pen offerings as well. Thanks
-- R.P. 10/24/2010 (Herndon, Virginia)

I've got to hand it to JetPens - great customer service, super-speedy shipping, reasonable prices, staff pick emails - I really like doing business with this company!
-- H.N. 09/29/2010 (New York, New York)

My order arrived within 3 business days. I was so excited and when one of the pencils had a problem, their customer service helped me through the process of exchanging it with another one. They are the best! Thanks and keep up the good work.
-- N.A. 09/15/2010 (Burbank, California)

My order just arrived today & I'm extremely pleased! I've never had an international order come so fast, not to mention being so carefully packaged. I can't wait to try out my new pens & inks and submit some product reviews.
-- B.D. 09/09/2010 (Nova Scotia, Canada)

My order arrived today! Thank you so much. You have had outstanding customer service, shipping options and accurate orders! Thanks so much. We are extremely happy with our order and with! Thanks!
-- S.C. 09/02/2010 (Roanoke, Virginia)

I would like to offer the utmost thanks to both you and everyone else at JetPens for your fantastic customer service. It's always a pleasure shopping with JetPens.
-- D.N. 09/01/2010 (Allston, Massachusetts)

You're awesome.... You guys have a great selection of pens. I'm loving the Platinum Preppy fountain pens that I just received yesterday. My co-worker loved them so much that she is going to order some for herself!
-- J.M. 08/30/2010 (Santa Ana, California)

Just wanted to let you know that you have a customer for life with me and my family. I've had nothing but phenomenal results with ordering, shipping and quality of products. I have, and will continue to recommend your store to friends and family. Thanks and keep up the great work.
-- D.K. 08/30/2010 (Brooklyn, New York)

You have an awesome site (I'm a pen freak). I wish I'd known about the larger frixion pen selection with the awesome colors; I'd have ordered that too!
-- S.B. 08/30/2010 (Garden City, Michigan)

I wanted to thank you guys for such superior service. My order was processed and sent to me in record time. My order was processed in one day, and shipped in two, and I live on the opposite side of the US. The packaging was also intact and more than appropriate. The pens are heavenly, too. I appreciate you taking the time to have such excellent images for the products and encouraging your customers to write about their experiences. Both helped me to decide what products I wanted to try. I know that I will order many times in the future! I am so glad I found you!
-- F.S. 08/25/2010 (Arlington, Virginia)

I can't believe I got my order already! I will definitely be recommending JetPens to my friends & colleagues!
-- J.H. 08/25/2010 (Syracuse, New York)

Both products are awesome, especially the Metaphys lunchbox! I'll hope to promote the product and give you more business to come, I'm a concierge, that's what I do when I find a noteworthy company that sells unique and quality goods and/or services! Thanks again!
-- C.S. 08/24/2010 (San Diego, California)

I just wanted to send you a quick Thank You - so far I've placed two orders with JetPens and have been extremely pleased not only with the items I've bought, but also with the customer service and the shipping times. I ran across your site in the process of browsing around for new pens, and I found the Pilot Envelope Address Writing Pens, and now I'm hooked. The first one I ordered I fell in love with, and I used all of its ink in about 3 days. This past Friday I placed an order for more of them - and there they were in the mail this afternoon! I was thrilled to have them so quickly. Thank you for your great products, and also for your fantastic customer service - I will most definitely be a customer for a long, long time.
-- N.S. 08/18/2010 (Wilmington, North Carolina)

Just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with the quick way you fill orders and ship your products. I always get your packages before I think I will and the order is always correct. I don't know if you get complaints from some customers, but I think it is good business to let people know when you are happy with their products and service! Keep up the good work!
-- BS 06/25/2010 (Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts)

i've placed a number of orders with you over the year and i have been nothing but overly pleased with the products and the customer service. you guys are awesome and it's no wonder that you have made such a good name and reputation for yourself! thanks again and of course i'll be ordering for years to come (since i just placed an order last night!) :) you're awesome and thanks so much. trust me, i'll be blogging about this one :)
-- JW, 4/3/2010 (Vista, California)

Thank you for the prompt service. It is always a pleasure to deal with JetPens. Your inventory of pens and pencils is superb: not only do you have a wide variety of types, but the brands you have selected are of high quality. Additionally, your service is extremely efficient: orders are shipped promptly; and replies to queries, quick, and answers, appropriate. I have enjoyed my dealings with your company over the years, and look forward to continuing to doing business with you for some time into the future.
-- JK, 3/27/2010 (Denver, CO)

Just want to let you know how happy I am buying the pens from JetPens, VERY fast shipment! I will surely comeback and will tell friends about your website...your company's products and services are well beyond my expectations! Free, fast shipment for orders of $25 is amazing, keep up the good work! Thanks again!
-- KN, 3/15/2010 (Pensacola, Florida)

Thank you very much for the Symmetry received today. It's very attractive and with my refills I'll enjoy using it daily for a long time. In the meantime I appreciate your amazing individualized customer service and I'll certainly recommend JetPens to everyone I know.
-- JJ, 3/10/2010 (Yorba Linda, California)

I LOOOOVE the products you have to offer and i totally will be making another purchase, but i am trying to wait a little in between orders!
-- KW, 3/9/2010 (Berkeley, California)

Great website to use and the order arrived in a very timely fashion. Hopefully will do business with you again. Thanks.
-- JB, 3/8/2010 (Erie, Pennsylvania)

I just received my order in the mail, which included a Sailor Recruit Fountain Pen, Pilot Petit1, and Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen, as well as a couple refill cartrdges. I must say that thus far, I am completely and utterly overjoyed with the products I have received. It's so hard to find a fountain pen fine enough for my handwriting, plus the fact that I am left-handed (which means the finer the pen, the faster the ink dries, no smears). I also appreciate the extremely quick service and shipping. I will be anxiously browsing your site for more products that are of interest to me. Keep up the good work!
-- CD, 12/2/2009 (South Charleston, West Virginia)

Hi jetpens, I have been ordering from you folks since 2007 and I'm just here to let you know that I have refered you to lots of people. I am a part of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Dental Hygiene program. I was looking for colored mechanical pencils to use for our dental charting, red, blue, and green to be exact. After doing a lot of research online, I found your website. I am just letting you know that I really loved your colored mechanical pencils, and your multi pens. My classmates and teachers all saw my pens and pencils, and they asked me where I got them. I told them to go to your website and order. Our students love ordering from you folks, especially the free shipping on over $25, considering we live in Hawaii. Today, the University of Hawaii Dental Hygiene Program students are still ordering from this website, and I'm still telling all of the students about your pens and pencils. I will be graduating this May 2010 and I hope that the students continue to refer your website to future students. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having such great products and I will keep ordering from you folks.
-- AR, 12/2/2009 (Honolulu, HI)

Thank you! I received my order of parallel pens and just love them. Very happy with service and speed of my order.
-- VC, 11/23/2009 (White City, Oregon)

I love your stuff. I have recently acquired a mechanical pencil addiction and your company provides me with LOTS of pencils to choose from. Your shipping is incredibly fast and my orders have been perfect - no problems. I have given other people with my same addiction your web store guys are wonderful and you have the coolest stuff.......glad to have you around.
-- CR, 11/22/2009 (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Your customer service is one of the best I've ever experienced. Thanks again.
-- RO, 11/15/2009 (Ithaca, New York)

Wow! That was fast! (ordered Monday, got it Wednesday!) Thanks for getting me my new goodies so soon! I am enjoying the new pen.
-- DR, 11/10/2009 (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Dear Jet Pens, Your service is excellent! I got my three inks in the mail yesterday--so fast! Thanks for everything and best wishes to you!
-- PS, 10/25/2009 (Baltimore, Maryland)

Your products and service rock! Thanks so much for carrying such hard to get in the states , high quality goods. Writing isn't fun without jetpens!
-- MB, 10/19/2009 (Clifton, New Jersey)

I love your site, your selection, your efficiency, the fast shipping, the prices and now I can add your customer service to my list of reasons that I tell people to check out your website, Thank you very much
-- SC, 10/12/2009 (Nashville, Tennessee)

I just wanted to say that the timeliness of the shipping and handling of my order was incredible. Everything was just right when it came in the mail. Thanks!
-- RC, 9/30/2009 (Urbana, Illinois)

You really are the best, I can't say it enough. I recommend you to all my friends and will always continue to do so. Your products are great, the customer service is even better, so thank you sincerely!
-- JT, 9/24/2009 (Skillman, New Jersey)

I cannot tell you enough how I impressed I am with JetPens! The speed of shipping, and the quality is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I am a 5th grade teacher and am known as Mr. Penwerks because of my addiction to funky, fun pens! Please keep me updated on the new ones. I have placed orders twice in the last couple of weeks and am ordering again tonight! Many thanks!"
-- RA, 9/22/2009 (Fargo, North Dakota)

Just wanted to say thanks; this is my second order from JetPens and every single item exceeded my expectations. The quality of the products you stock is just fantastic. Also, I received both my orders less than 48 hours after placing them! Thanks for the great products and service, you'll definitely be getting more orders from me.
-- WA, 9/22/2009 (Los Gatos, California)

I just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am that I have found your site. As you can probably tell already. I have also recommended your site to fellow friends of pens. Keep up the good work. It is so nice to finally find a source of these rare pens within the US...I like the way there is always something new in stock.
-- SG, 9/22/2009 (Pinellas Park, Florida)

I just got my order yesterday and I wanted to thank you for the Priority Express mail shipment! WOW! The products are great and the service is always fast...When I lived in Japan, I was always scared of coming back to the US and having to settle for 1.0mm gel pens and so I would stock up and hoard pens when I went over. Now, things are simple because I can just order them from you! Thank you for making things easier on me!
-- BG, 9/20/2009 (Sumter, South Carolina)

I wanted to thank you, my pens arrived today. I also wanted to tell you again how much I love the products. I am so in love with the erasable highlighters. They have come in very handy. I am sure I will be ordering again soon...Thank you again.
-- AB, 9/8/2009 (Columbia, Maryland)

Wow, what a wonderful site with wonderful service! Thanks so much! You've made this artist a faithful customer, for sure. Have a wonderful day, as you've made mine. :)
-- ALM, 9/8/2009 (West Yarmouth, Massachusetts)

Thanks so much. I got both orders today. Love your fast shipping.
-- JS, 9/5/2009 (Huntington Beach, California)