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The Best Multi Pencils

The Best Multi Pencils

The Best Multi Pencils

A customizable multi pen, or multi function pen, lets you fill a pen body with your choice of refills. While most multi pens let you pick from ballpoint and gel ink refills, some are compatible with mechanical pencil components. Some of these multi pens let you make your own multi mechanical pencil. Both artists and students will appreciate the ability to switch between leads of different sizes and grades. You can even make a multi color pencil by filling it with colored leads. Read on to see which multi pen bodies can be used to create a multi pencil.

Top Multi Pencil Choice
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen
The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen utilizes the ink found in the iconic Hi-Tec-C gel pen.
The Coleto is best known for packing the beloved Pilot Hi-Tec-C into a multi pen, but it also makes an excellent multi pencil. It offers the most pen bodies by far, with over thirty options to choose from. You can have as few as two mechanical pencil components, or as many as five.

The Coleto’s inner workings can be a little daunting—check out our guide on How to Refill the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto to learn how to install and refill the mechanical pencil components.

Customizable Multi Pencils
Pentel i+ Multi Pen
You can customize the Pentel i+ Multi Pen with a headphone jack accessory.
For a charming multi pencil, look no further than the Pentel i+. The nine multi pen bodies come in soft shades and vibrant pops of color to match your style. You can even make the i+ uniquely yours by adding a fun headphone jack accessory to the top! Mechanical pencil components are available in 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm tip sizes.
Uni Style Fit Multi Pen
The Uni Style Fit Multi Pen is available in a wide array of pen body colors.
The Style Fit features a clear section paired with a fun body color. For Disney lovers, there are also bodies that feature Mickey, Minnie, and Donald motifs.

The Uni Style Fit is available in pen bodies that can hold three, four, or five components. While there are plenty of body options, mechanical pencil components are only available in a 0.5 mm tip size.

Pre-Filled Multi Pencils
Sun-Star Nicolo Multi Mechanical Pencil
The Sun-Star Nicolo Multi Mechanical Pencil features a twist selection mechanism to extend its lead refills.
The Nicolo utilizes a twist selection mechanism for its 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm lead refills. The upper part of the pencil body is labeled with arrows that indicate which way to turn the selector for the different tip sizes. The Nicolo’s eye-catching monochromatic design is available in chic neutrals and bold hues alike. It also has a soft rubber grip section that is comfortable for quick notes and longer writing sessions.

The Sun-Star Nicolo can be refilled with 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm lead.

Multi Pens That Don’t Work as Multi Pencils
Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen
The Zebra Sharbo X Multi Pen can only hold one mechanical pencil component.
The Zebra Sharbo X can only hold a mechanical pencil in the designated slot. It cannot hold multiple mechanical pencil components.
Uni Style Fit Meister 5 Color Multi Pen
You can use up to two mechanical pencil components in the Uni Style Fit Meister 5 Color Multi Pen.
Mechanical pencil components will get stuck when installed next to each other in the Uni Style Fit Meister 5 Color. However, you can install two mechanical pencil components in the pen body by ensuring that there is a different refill placed in the slots between the mechanical pencils.
Zebra Sarasa Select Multi Pen
There is one designated mechanical pencil slot in the Zebra Sarasa Select Multi Pen.
While mechanical pencil components can be installed in every slot of the Zebra Sarasa Select, the white push tabs retract into the body, making it impossible to extend the lead.

Making your own multi pencil is as easy as picking a multi pen body and filling it with mechanical pencil components. Shop our recommendations below and let us know in the comments what you would use a multi pencil for.